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Intersection - Ambition Mission - Spit Where The Liars Live

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The home, especially in America, is the sanctum sanctorum of family life. No other non-living entity absorbs so much human ambition and longing, so much futzing and pruning, so much money and worry, and so much love.

Open concept houses, where nearly zero rooms are divided by walls, have become the way families imagine doing life together. Fewer boundaries equals more family togetherness. What realtors are starting to find, though, is that the aspirational notion of more family time has led to … more family time. The Boston Globe reported that this has led homeowners to face some harsh truths about their family lives, namely. Walls, in other words, were nice: For one, they hid the mountain of crap that inevitably flowed over from the other parts of our lives.

But most importantly, they buffered us from the strange people who shared our DNA. Unfortunately, walls or not, these strange people will always remain strange. Every home is its own molecular structure of dysfunction, a physical reminder that you are born under a larger umbrella organization. You have parents and sometimes siblings, who have names and stories and contexts that you may not want but are inseparably yours. There are certain codes of conduct, certain ways of communicating or not communicatingcertain predispositions to freckles or spicy foods or hand-eye clumsiness.

You are a born natural Intersection - Ambition Mission - Spit Where The Liars Live it! Still, despite the job description and the baggage it brings, the homes we live in tend to foster our fiercest loyalties and most deep-seated convictions. The oldest religion in the world is family. It continues today, as you watch old VHS Intersection - Ambition Mission - Spit Where The Liars Live videos, as you obnoxiously rehash the same old jokes with the same lame punchline, as you comfortably fall back into familiar roles like a well-worn sofa.

In other words, no matter how far you fly, or with whom you create new families, you always take them with you, because to some degree, you are them.

As the country singer Lori McKenna put it. But only slightly less. Living in a cultural and No Class - Motörhead - Overkill milieu that, much like today, prioritized family over all else, he denounced it as a powerful evasion, a way to wall off reality and revelation. Jesus is not anti-family so much as he is anti-walls, and the way he sees it, the four walls of a home are no different from the four walls of the temple—a safe haven from a cruel world, sure, but also a buffer zone from the Intersection - Ambition Mission - Spit Where The Liars Live heart of God and a breeding ground for self-deception.

Ultimately, Jesus reminds us, even if our families love us and protect us, no rearing could ever have the generative power to make us whole or evade suffering. Every family, Ben Maddison writes in this issue, is cruciform in shape.

In the end, our families point us to a need they cannot provide. Jesus points us to the fragility of our walled-off holiest of holies, and to the only hope that our families have ever had. There is an endless array of reckonings awaiting all families. There is no shortage of losses in families, both literally and figuratively. This also means that there is no limit to the stories in which God has done some of his own home restoration work. Revisal Time - Buck Gooter - Consider The Grackles, brew yourself some tea, turn the page, and enjoy the remaining walls in your open concept home.

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    Jul 01,  · As the Family Issue make its way from the printer to the post office, here’s a look at the opener, and a peek at what comes after! If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, you can do so here. You can’t talk about families without talking about the containers they come in. The home, especially [ ].
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    Broadly, the intersection of SPACE, THEATRE & POLITICS is the occupation of this collective. We envision a new body of work that exists in time and space. It is the mission of Rather Than Happiness to create and bring to the public exigent aesthetic, artistic, intellectual, and philosophical experiences that are more interesting than the.
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    Ambition Mission were a 90's punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois. They played fast paced, hook laddened punk with gritty girl/guy vocals. band members were Annie, Bryan, Jake, and Jim. they have a 35 song self-titled discography that can be found on cd.
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    The Intersection Church is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and has established itself as a place for individuals to find renewed creativity, encouragement and acceptance in Christ. We do this through Biblical teaching, commissioning and mentoring. We encourage individuality and expression in our services and throughout the community.

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