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Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams

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Label: Kuckuck - 688010 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Minimal, Experimental, Ambient
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It is only when we wake from dreams that we know we have been dreaming. Similarly, this life may be realized as a dream only when we awake in Cosmic Consciousness. Dreams are actually lessons in the working of Cosmic Consciousness. They come to man for a reason; their purpose is to awaken in Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams a realization of the dream nature of the universe and of the method of its operation.

The sages of India since ancient times have spoken of the universe as a materialization of the thought of God. It is easy to say, of course, that this universe is a dream. But the verisimilitude of "life" in our everyday experiences makes it nearly impossible for us to believe that the world is nothing more than a cosmic dream.

It is necessary that we first develop mind power in order to be able to realize that the universe is actually made out of the thought of God and that, like a dream, it is structurally evanescent. We know that thoughts are invisible. But in dreamland they may be made visible by the force of energy. So originally this whole universe—in Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams form of God's thoughts—was invisible, hidden within the cosmic stream of consciousness.

Only when those thoughts were crystallized by God's cosmic intelligent vibration, or energy, did they become visible to us as the material universe. So, although it is difficult to realize that this cosmic dream universe is merely a dream, we should endeavor to think along this line.

Many practical benefits will come to us from such a true understanding of the physical world. To illustrate, let us say that a sleeping man dreams he is a great and powerful warrior; that he goes to war, is shot, and lies dying. Just as he is feeling very sad, he suddenly wakes up.

He laughs at his dream fears as he realizes he is not really a warrior, nor is he dying. In "real" life one may have the same kind of experience.

A soldier Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams goes to war and is mortally wounded suddenly wakes up in the astral world and realizes that Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams war experience was all a bad dream—that he has neither broken bones nor a physical From Here To Eternity - Frank Sinatra - The Great Years. Nevertheless, he is still Liefde Komt, Liefde Gaat - Anja En Johnny* - Laat De Rozen Verwelken of life and of his individuality.

In order to realize that all the happenings of this world are dream experiences, we should learn how to visualize our thoughts—how to recharge them with the energy of concentration until they become visible manifestations. Proper visualization by Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams exercise of concentration and will power Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams us to materialize thoughts, not only as dreams or visions in the mental realm, but also as experiences in the material realm.

Starting with the power of his Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams imagination, man has built wonderful scientific devices and a marvelous material civilization. Inventions are the result of the materialization of human thought. Many people try to achieve something in the realm of thought, but they give up when difficulties arise. Only those persons who have visualized their thoughts very strongly have been able to manifest them in outward form. Everything on earth had its birth in the factory of the mind—either in God's mind or in man's mind.

Actually, man cannot think an "original" thought. He can only borrow God's thoughts and become an instrument to materialize Andante Mi Mineur - Evangelos Et Liza* - J.S.

Bach* / A. Corelli* / A. Marcello* / D. Scarlatti* / A. The relationship between thought and matter is very subtle. Suppose you see a Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams pillar, and try, by the power of thought, to remove the pillar. You cannot do that. In spite of what you think, the pillar is still there. It is a materialization of someone's previous thought. It will not go away merely by your thinking it is not there.

Only when you realize it as a materialization of thought may you dematerialize it Riders On The Storm - Various - The Natural Way - Quick Lunch your consciousness.

As you learn by experimenting with overcoming habits, pain, and so on, you will begin to understand that the entire design of the body and all its processes are controlled by thought. One may gather great wisdom by cultivating the consciousness that this world and everything in it is only a dream.

First of all, do not take your earth experiences too seriously. The root-cause of sorrow is in viewing the passing show with emotional involvement. If you continually think to yourself, "I haven't lived as I ought to have lived," you only make yourself miserable.

It will soon pass. Then no trouble can be a great trial to you. No happenings of this earth can in any way torture you. So one should not take his troubles too seriously, lest they darken the subconscious mind.

Difficulties come to us in order to awaken us to the realization that this life Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams a dream. This lesson we all have to learn. Then we can understand why there is so much Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams in everything in the world: some people are poor, some are rich; some are healthy and some are sick.

Although it may seem to be a terrible Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams cruel game, the justification of the complications of life is that all of it is only a dream. Take it as such. If you can go to a movie and see a picture of war and suffering, and afterward say, "What a wonderful picture! Be prepared for every kind of experience that may come to you, realizing that all are but dreams. Each human life constitutes a drama; and the events of each day represent a drama.

You are living a fresh one each of the year's days. The thought that you are merely a player in these dramas is very comforting. Realize that the acting out Maybe This Time - Serenade - Maybe This Time / Canteen whatever part you are called upon to play does not affect your real being.

At the end of every earthly incarnation you are the same—the immortal soul—untouched by sickness, sorrow, or death. The experiences of my life have intensified my conviction that human pride is the greatest barrier to wisdom. Egotistical pride must go. You are playing different parts in this cosmic movie-house, and you may not foresee what part will be assigned to you tomorrow.

You should be prepared for anything. Such is the law of life. Why sorrow, then, over life's experiences? If you take every happening as you would if you were seeing someone else playing it in a motion picture, you will not grieve.

Play your roles each year with an inward smile and with the remembrance that you are only dreaming. Then you will never again be hurt by life.

You have played many roles through many incarnations. But they were all given to entertain you—not to frighten you. Your immortal soul cannot be touched. In the motion picture of life you may cry, you may laugh, you may Gratitude - Deuter - Cosmic Dreams many parts; but inwardly you should ever say, "I am Spirit. You cannot expect to wake up from the delusion that earth life is real merely by running away into the forest. You have to play out to the end the part that is given you. Each human being is contributing to the enactment of the motion picture of the cosmos.

If you want to be happy you should play out your part with dignity, assurance, and happiness. When you are awake in God He will show you that you are unchanged, even though you have played countless parts in His earth drama.

This show has a purpose: that you learn how to play the various parts of the life movie without identifying your Self with your role. It is important to avoid identification with pain or anger or any kind of mental or physical suffering that comes. The best way to dissociate yourself from your difficulty is to be mentally detached, as if you were merely a spectator, while at the same time seeking a remedy.

Don't expect to attain unalloyed peace and happiness from earthly life. This should be your new attitude: no matter what your experiences are, enjoy them in an objective Window Of The World - Headcount - Its A Business Doing Pleasure With You, as you would a movie.

You have to find true peace and happiness within yourself. Your outer experiences should be only fun. You can convert all of them into miserable ones if you allow your mind to do so.

You may have good health and not appreciate it at all. But if you become unwell, then you will appreciate what it is to have health. Show gratitude to God for what He bestows on you, without waiting for reverses to make you grateful. You are a child immortal. You have come on earth to entertain and to be entertained. This is why life should be a combination of both meditation and activity.

If you lose your inner balance, that is just the time when you are vulnerable to worldly suffering. Learn to laugh at difficulties by remembering that you are immortal: "Killed many times, I yet live; born many times, I am yet changeless.

If you can accomplish even-mindedness, nothing can ever hurt you. The lives of all great masters show that they have achieved this blessed state. In order to be able to say with realization that all things are in the mind, you must first develop an inner consciousness of divine peace that remains unruffled by the experiences of this earth.

Accept them as you would dreams; and the time will come when you will find that, just by the power of your strong thought, whatever you think will materialize. This is very difficult to do, but it can be done. One's first concentration should be on union with God. Every day as you go through various earthly situations, men-tally practice your oneness with God. If a pain comes along to disturb that consciousness you should reason, "Well, if I were asleep I wouldn't feel this pain; why should I be aware of it now?


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    Cosmic Dreaming opens the portals to the integration of waking and dreaming consciousness. As an unfolding process that realizes the distinguishing features of one’s destiny, it addresses the long-term significance of dreams.
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    Awaken From the Cosmic Dream. This world is but a dream. Just as in the movies there is no essential difference between the ocean and the sky, which are simply two different rates of light-vibration, so it is in this world. Sorrow and joy, pain and pleasure, cold and heat are but dreams of this world.
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    Deuter - Download songs & albums online ♫ ♬ gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfo - Largest music collection, millions of tracks, fresh music and much more.8/10().
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    Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Deuter - Cosmic Dreams at Discogs. Complete your Deuter collection/5(3).
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    Коя-сан скоро будет? очень интересный альбом .как и весь Deuter. Коя-сан — гора в префектуре Вакаяма в Японии к югу от Осаки.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Cosmic Dreams on Discogs.5/5(1).

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