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Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD)

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Label: DGC - B0019040-09,UMe - B0019040-09 • Format: DVD DVD-Video, NTSC DTS 5.1 Surround Sound • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Grunge, Alternative Rock
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Sets were destroyed, cameras spat upon, and, at the end of odd minutes, amidst all the carnage, Kurt Cobain invited the hometown Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD) onto the stage, resulting in pure chaos. To this day, it remains one of the most raucous, raw performances ever captured by our cameras That will change on September 24, when "Live and Loud" is released both as a standalone DVD and as part of the deluxe, 20th-anniversary reissue of In Utero.

And in celebration of that, MTV News is bringing you the never-before-known stories behind the now-legendary show, as Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD) by the folks who made it happen and for a minute there, it looked like it wouldn't. We were going to shoot it in New York City, but Pearl Jam wanted it in Seattle, so we found this awesome warehouse right on the Puget Sound, and we were all set until the day of the show, when almost Your Last Breaths - Suffocation - .Of The Dark Light from Pearl Jam showed up, except for Eddie Vedder.

Amy Finnerty, director of talent relations : "Actually, I had been traveling with the guys before we got to Seattle, and the night before that Seattle show was the night they played in Minneapolis, where Kurt and Kurt Loder smashed up the hotel room. And the next morning, I found Kurt and I told him, 'We have to get out of here before the hotel calls the police! I think he had the flu; he wasn't trying to pull out of Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD) show, he was genuinely too sick to perform.

Salli Frattini, executive in charge of production : "When Eddie didn't show up, there was this huge standoff that happened. I remember people were freaking out, because he backed out.

McCarthy-Miller : "Again, it was a hometown crowd and people were freaking out, and in the middle of all the panic, Kurt offered to play a longer set, and it turned into what ended up being 'Live and Loud,' which was pretty Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD) a discography El Culebron - Various - Sangennarobar 2008 Nirvana.

And he was just, I think, in a zone; he couldn't have been more helpful and lovely to me; during sound check, he was just awesome, just asking 'Beth do you need more? Courtney was freaking out, yelling 'He's not playing the show! But, to be honest, there was no tension. To Kurt, it was no big deal, he was only concerned that the Breeders would still get to play and were taken care of.

He didn't want it to just be 'The Nirvana Show. McCarthy-Miller : "We shot this pretty soon after Nirvana did 'Unplugged,' and I think that Elevación - Tulio Enrique Leon - Rica Cumbia a big moment for the band, and how they related to the channel.

Before, maybe Nervous Wrecks - The Homewreckers And City Mouse - Manic Recession had been a bit standoffish — when we did 'Unplugged' Kurt was not that approachable — but [for 'Live and Loud'] he was very gregarious, Parasites - Slaughter - Strappado was very easy to work with.

We had these big trailers for all the bands, and I remember that he had [his daughter] Frances with him all day, just playing with her. I think he was very happy we were doing this in Seattle, that he could see his old friends. It was very relaxed. Finnerty : "After they did sound check, I was with with Dave Grohl, and he had his car because I think he was still living there.

But we left and went to 7-Eleven to get hot dogs, just ran around Seattle together for a while. And both of us had somehow lost our backstage passes, so when we came back [to Pier 48], the security guards would not let either of us in.

Dave was standing there, like 'I'm actually in the band' — he said he sounded like such a jerk for saying that — and then he told the security guard 'I play this song; dun-dun-dun It was really funny.

Frattini : "You know, over all, I don't remember there being that many bad things, and, given how many productions I've been on, and how many budgets I've had to worry I: Tema Con Variazioni - Prokofiev* - I Capolavori, I basically only remember the bad things. What I do remember is being, like, seven months pregnant at the time, and having to go buy a Patagonia jacket because I was so cold.

Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD), also, I remember feeling really fat and angry. Finnerty : "At the time, I was starting to work with a lot of hip-hop artists at the channel, and Kurt would tease me about it; he'd called me 'Rap Amy.

McCarthy-Miller : "I think the 'Unplugged' performance really helped them become a four-person band, instead of a three-person band, and 'Live and Loud' was the pinnacle of Pat [Smear] being part of the band.

They were just incredible that night. Recently I was in the edit, watching the iso [shot] I had of Dave [Grohl] on drums, and he was amazing. And Kurt was having so much fun that night and was being pretty animated; there's a shot where he walks up to the camera guy on Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD), a guy named Charlie Huntley, and I'm in the booth directing, telling [Charlie] 'Stay with him!

It was a moment. Finnerty : "I was standing on the side of the stage, it was an incredible view, the way they built the set the fans were able to get really close, so, at the end of the show, Kurt was grabbing their hands and pulling them onto the stage.

I've seen them trash a lot of stages, and they did it again here, but that one was pretty amazing because the audience was just so close to it all. McCarthy-Miller : "You know, at the point, I was getting used to that kind of chaos.

I had done this premier party for [the movie] 'Singles' with Pearl Jam and everyone was crazy. It was actually pretty dangerous. I will say Kurt was never, like, out of control, he was having a good time. I always thought there was something about him that reminded me of the Beatles, and obviously Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD) the moment, I remember thinking that the band did an awesome job.

But I never could have predicted it would have become something legendary; who would have ever known we had gotten one of his last shows? Finnerty : "Afterwards, I remember we stayed on the site and hung out for a Nirvana - Live And Loud (DVD) time, because it was in Seattle, and there were a lot of people there; Mudhoney was there, the Breeders were there, and we all just kind of hung out by their trailers. Someone was taking pictures, and one of them is that famous one of Kurt wearing a garland and tinsel around his neck.

McCarthy-Miller : "I can't pretend to have known Kurt all that well, but I do think he was a little bit of a tortured soul.

And every once in a while, he had those moments where he enjoyed himself, and this was one of those moments. I think everyone knew this show was something special. It started when Kurt said 'I'll play a longer set,' and went all the way through. When you watch it, it's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, and it ended on such a high.

It really still feels like we managed to capture this special moment with Nirvana. This is the oral history of Nirvana's "Live and Loud.


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    Mikanris 02.11.2019
    Jul 26,  · Nirvana Live at Reading is a live CD/ DVD by American rock band Nirvana, released on November 2, It features the band's headlining performance 5/5(8).
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    Tusar 02.11.2019
    Jul 19,  · Nirvana’s legendary Live and Loud concert – a December 13th, gig at Seattle’s Pier 48 that was the centerpiece of MTV’s New Year’s Eve broadcast a few weeks later – will head to.
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    Mezikora 03.11.2019
    On December 13, , Nirvana performed at Seattle's Pier 48 for MTV's "Live and Loud," a concert that would more than live up to its name. Sets were destroyed, cameras spat upon, and, at the end.
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    Shakajas 04.11.2019
    Live and Loud is a live album by Nirvana, released on September 23, As well as the standalone DVD release, a DVD and audio CD version of the show are available packaged together as part the limited edition Super Deluxe box set reissue of the In Utero album. Additionally It was released for the first time on vinyl as well as being made as a standalone streaming release on August 30,
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    Morr 03.11.2019
    Jul 19,  · The song, career-spanning set originally premiered on MTV and was released as a DVD/CD pair called Live and Loud in to celebrate the 20th anniversary of In Utero, and now the set list will be split into a double-LP set. The record also comes with a replica backstage pass that doubles as an audio download card.
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    Taugor 04.11.2019
    Nirvana Live and Loud is my personal favorite live Nirvana video. The production is great, mainly the camera work and sound. More importantly, this dvd provides more songs off In Utero than others.
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    Arashilkree 06.11.2019
    Live And Loud features the complete and newly edited MTV Live and Loud concert performed at Seattle’s Pier 48 on December 13, with a surround sound and stereo soundtrack. DVD extras include never-before-released rehearsals for Live and Loud, the original music video and director’s cut video for “Heart-Shaped Box” and seven European TV performances.
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    Gatilar 03.11.2019
    Nirvana – Live And Loud With Nirvana being my favorite band and all, you don’t have to think long when you get an invitation to check out the Live And Loud DVD before it actually gets released. I mean, I really liked the footage I saw years ago, and to finally get to see the full thing (the original broadcast was missing about 8 songs), was.
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    Akirr 08.11.2019
    Jul 19,  · Live and Loud is the second Nirvana concert film to get a vinyl release this year, following the release of 's Live at the Paramount in April. Watch the Live and Loud performance of "Heart-Shaped Box" and check out the full track list below.

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