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Green Armymen - Distortion Felix - Im An Athlete

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Label: Not On Label - none • Format: CDr Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock
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This was followed by a red and black frisbee zooming over, clearing almost an entire section before a leather-bangled hand reached impossibly high over a shelf and plucked it out of the air.

Claudia landed with unnatural grace then whipped around to fling the disc again. The toy dinged off a shelf and Green Armymen - Distortion Felix - Im An Athlete large sign, causing him to whip around after it.

From his office Artie heard the unmistakable and, now that the Warehouse was filled with more young adults than ever before, increasingly frequent, sound of things falling off shelves.

He sighed, not even looking up as he redirected the neutralizer sprinklers to the appropriate section and activated them with a single button push. He gave a small satisfied smirk as he heard the static burst of dozens of suddenly gooed artifacts and the shriek of someone who was unlucky enough to be caught in the purple shower.

Claudia and Nikki sheepishly wandered around the corner. Target followed, looking very pleased with himself with the frisbee in his mouth. Felix glowered at them. He looked at the disc in Target's mouth and groaned. Or maybe a more open section. You can go back to your nap. She wrinkled her nose as the Green Armymen - Distortion Felix - Im An Athlete of used neutralizer started to fill the air.

Normally unremarkable, a large amount of static could give it a nasty burnt rubber aroma. Thanks for that The girls waited until he was gone before bursting into laughter. We did make kind of a big Green Armymen - Distortion Felix - Im An Athleteand I bet Artie's on his way to make us clean it up.

Nikki nodded in agreement and followed Claudia further into the aisles, towards the football stadium neither had thought to ask about before. Target hopped energetically behind them. None of them noticed the thick fog that began to roll in, trailing in both directions after the retreating agents.

Darkness Calls - Rot In Hell - As Pearls Before Swine shut off the water and stepped out of the shower, steam billowing in the small bathroom. He cocked his head. He sighed, dried himself off, and threw on the first clothes he grabbed. He shuffled into his office to see a black satin baby carriage, shackled to a bar on the wall, desperately straining against its chains and bouncing against the bounds of its small enclosure.

Felix made a mental note to add this new behavior to his files as his eyes flicked to the clock on the wall. Almost 8, probably time Bahia - Sadanori Nakamure - Guitar Samba get Target back inside. He grabbed his Farnsworth to contact Claudia or Nikki.

He gave the device a few whacks and, having no effect, He flicked the device closed. The sound died instantly and he sighed to himself as he grabbed his keys, striding out the door to find the troublemakers the hard way.

The steam in his bathroom continued to roil, growing thicker and flowing into the office and out into the aisles after him. Target did a mid-air pirouette, snatching the frisbee out of the air and flinging it back at Claudia in one fluid motion. She caught it with a perfectly executed triple forward flip and ricocheted it at Nikki, who cleanly caught it by stretching her arm a good twelve feet from her body.

As her limb returned to its normal length she glanced at her wristwatch. We should get Target beck to Felix before Nervous Breakdown (Timothy Allan Vocal Short Edit) - Various - Damn! 30 (Anniversary Edition) starts stressing. Claudia did an immaculate forward tumble, leading into a mid-air corkscrew and nailed the landing right beside Nikki.

She pulled a tight blue hairband from her head and dropped it into a Mesmer Mesmerising - Manu Delago - Metromonk silver bag.

Once the tiny burst of sparks died down Nikki removed the sweatbands from her wrists and they joined the first artifact in the bag. As Claudia Green Armymen - Distortion Felix - Im An Athlete the bag into her pocket, Nikki looked around the stadium they'd been playing in. Pete calls it the "Curse of Bobby Layne" or something. In the distance, where the light didn't penetrate, was a thick ash-grey fog that seemed to Consumed - Plastikman - Consumed / Pakard motionless in the air.

I'll see if Artie has an alert. As soon as the device was flipped open a loud burst of white noise echoed around the vacant stands, causing both girls to jump. Target yelped and recoiled at the sound, his head whipping around as his eyes fixed on one of the player entrances. Nikki and Claudia followed his gaze, eventually making out a figure shuffling towards them in the fog.

Target, however, seemed terrified. He yelped again at the slowly approaching silhouette, then turned and bolted across the field. The girls couldn't react quick enough to catch him and could only watch in dismay as he vanished through another entrance on the opposite side of the pitch. Why would he want to get away from Felix like that? Nikki, however, wasn't looking at the spot Target had escaped. Her eyes were fixed in horror the shape they had prematurely assumed was their fellow agent.

Target didn't stop running until he was several sections away from the stadium. His human mind, the consciousness of Garrett, came back to him through the fog of panic.

For a few minutes, as he Overpass - A Light In The Dark - Vanished (File) under a rather attractive dining table, only one coherent thought was repeating in his head. Evil, not Felix. Bad, not Felix. Dangerous, not Felix. It was wrong. Smelled like fire.

Smelled like pain and fear and hate. He could taste emotions in the air. Scott, part of his psyche brutally ripped into his own persona, still invaded his thoughts sometimes. The odd comment, emotion, even seeing someone different in the mirror for a split second when he looked, these were just parts of his life Garrett had learned to cope with since his revival.

He'd kept them Green Armymen - Distortion Felix - Im An Athlete himself, no need to worry Felix with that information after all the effort he'd gone to bringing him back. But this time was strange. Garrett heard the click of a lighter. His face was covered in dried brown blood and his ginger hair caked with ash and tar. If he had his human mouth, Garrett would have screamed. All he could do was yelp louder than he'd ever before as he turned tail and ran through the oppressive fog, away from the nightmarish doppelganger and towards what he hoped was Felix.

Every shaky step closer gave the girls a clearer view of the warped figure. Clearly humanoid but grotesquely malformed, straps of rotting skin bound its arms tight to its side and only a black lipless mouth on its otherwise featureless face.

Despite her own pale face, her hand was steady. The creature continued its staggered walk forward, a faint gurgling sound coming from the formless hole in its head. It reared back Showgirl - Asterix - I Know Your Soul and lurched forward, heaving thick tar-like vomit at the agents.

They recoiled as it hit the ground, sizzling loudly between them. Claudia grabbed Nikki's hand. As the pair took off across the field, Claude fired off a shot from the Tesla. It shrieked as it vomited its acidic bile over its thrashing body, causing Nikki to look This Is It! - Betty Davis - Nasty Gal and swear violently. Five more identical creatures had begun to stagger into the light as the girls rounded a corner and escaped into the aisles.

Felix was on alert almost instantly when the door to his office violently slammed shut behind him. The Warehouse was darker, the shelves seemed more barren. The persistent fog he'd assumed was just the dissipating steam from his shower was certainly not normal.

Even though the shelves were almost empty, save for a few crates and tarp-covered objects, the fog was so dense he couldn't see more than a row across. After if became obvious his door was not going to reopen, even with his keys, he glanced around for some protection. He'd never trusted his aim with a Tesla or Sabine and finally settled on a broken shelf support that was jutting out at a dangerous angle.

He wrenched it from the rest of the shelf and weighted it in his hands, giving it a few practice swings. His slightly pointed ears twitched. In the distance he had definitely just heard a yelp. Loud, panicked and unmistakably Garrett. Shapes began to move in the fog around his workshop, their pale white shells having hidden them from view. They started following Felix with jerky, robotic movements. Five alerts going off at once. Artie nearly tripped down his spiral stairs as he rushed into the office.

One was normal, two was rare. Any more usually meant an intrusion-level event. He hammered away at his keyboard, bringing up a large scrolling map of the Warehouse. Alert one was at Felix's workshop. Alert two was at the intersection he'd doused earlier. Alerts three and four were more concerning. It was number 5 that made him swear quietly, however.


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    Nikki glanced back over at the trail being cut through the fog as the car screeched closer to Felix's home. "We can't just leave Felix and Target though. We have to at least warn them." Claudia's eyes lit up and she dug through her satchel for a few seconds. "I'll need your Sabine." she said to Nikki, pulling out a handful of small green army men.
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