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Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) - Death SS - Heavy Demons

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Label: Lucifer Rising - CD/LR 505,Lucifer Rising - LR 505 CD • Format: CD Album, Reissue, Remastered • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Download Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) - Death SS - Heavy Demons

Translate Email Print. Walpurgisnacht 2. Where Have You Gone? Heavy Demons 4. Family Vault 5. Lilith 6. Peace Of Mind 7. Way To Power 8. Baphomet 9. Inquisitor Templar's Revenge All Soul's Day Death Walks Behind You Remix Horrible Eyes Live Thrill Seeker. Walpurgisnacht When the winds blows through the trees When daylight is too far gone And nightime falls on these desolate lands. When a thin fog drifts over houses and farms When darkness rules the village streets And dogs are howling with fear.

When all the doors and windows are locked When in the distance strange lights Illuminate ghostly figures And devilish shadows are flying high Piercing with anguish the hearts of men In this terrible night.

A sinister echo resounds in the air: Walpurgisnacht! Valpurga - Save us from evil! Valpurga - Pray for our soul! Father of the world, where have you gone? The sons you have made are loosin' their minds.

The Crystal Ship - The Doors - The Doors seed of all evil is now sown in their hearts War killing machine is never gonna stop. This is not the way to go The world needs your love! Where have you gone? Your child of madness is longing for his life 'Cause war, sickness and death have knocked him to the ground This world is going to pieces, We can't make it all alone We have been forsaken At the beginning of the end.

You don't care! Heavy Demons We were born on the night of Apocalypse We arrived here riding the light We dare the forces of creation We rule the world and the elements. We bring war, death and destruction We change the course Rücken Zur Wand - Franky Kubrick - Rücken Zur Wand time. We fight to free the human madness And let the metal rise.

Don't betray the faith or you'll have to pay We're the only ones that make you feel good. We break the laws that chain your mind We're the Evil Gods of immorality.

We're here to play Het Leven Blijft Gewoon Zn Gang Gaan (Ça Va Pas Changer Le Monde) - Various - De Allerbeste Nederla cursed music That parents and teachers love to hate We'll melt your brain with metal power That burns forever young. When we're on stage we like to see Your young blood burst in flames.

You know we take no prisoners We play and you must die! Family Vault On the point of death the patriarch said: "Don't bury me in a common grave, But in an unusual, comfortable family vault". You must build my tomb according to my wishes To prevent that my mortal remains Should return from Hell, to spread the disease I had when In A Big Country - Mike Peters - Alarmstock lived.

Money and success, you were my only reason of life. Candles, tombstones, will be my company in this family vault.

Listen to me said the patriarch I can Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) - Death SS - Heavy Demons next to me the Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) - Death SS - Heavy Demons My time is almost through, you must promise me to respect my will. The heritage I leave to all you still living Goes beyond all my material wealth You'll discover it and then understand in my burial place.

You must build my tomb with your guilty deeds Every brick can bind one of your sins And cement the blood of my cursed youth that won't come back. The deeds of all men survive eternal rest And I hope that my building will help People that will come in this evil life, to understand. Lilith Lilith queen of the darkest night You give life to monsters in my mind You sustain necromancers work And appear like an evil cloud.

Oh black, infernal moon that crosses the sky Like a dark, shooting star that obscures the light. Oh black eclipse show me the shadows of distant ghosts Celestial demons that roam blindly in the night. We scar our bodies with signs of crossed moons And then pronounce the magic words of a spell. You shine for us your black light in the sky And lead the way for the astral Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) - Death SS - Heavy Demons . Lilith, Satan's wife Angel of the night Give to us tonight Your fairy mother's might.

You blend the heating vapours of bleeding earth With the cold lymph of our vital sky. You enfold us with your vampire wings And take us to the realm of Holy Death. I want to reach all wisdom's highest degrees to write my book. I had to fight against hostile ghosts and as I reached the red doors of the spell Evil appeared.

The rite must be accomplished! Help me in my search of truth Give pleasure to my brain. You read my book of rules And when there's no way to go All power you shall gain Complete intoxication every man can find The ravaging sensation gives him peace of mind. I'll keep total control of body and soul And give my blood and happiness for the love of the absolute.

Give me the strength to be completely pure My body is ready and my mind is free from every sin. Way To Power You're searching for high knowledge but truth is only one And many can be all its form of expression.

You now must understand the double aspect of things The holy, the profane, the occult and the clear. Searching the way to power you reach the light You can learn the secret laws of your life. Spirit is the only pure and sure reality Matter is only its inferior alteration. Truth is possessed by the wise men of Earth You only need to seek and bring it to the light. Your existence is the result of a choice A chain of death continued day after day.

With death the spirit leaves behind its faults And takes you closer to the verity Someone will ask you to show him the proof But the proof is matter and you know matter is man. Baphomet Veni, domine liberator Dona nobis potestatem. Te adoramus, veneramus Dona nobis scientiam. You've got different faces and powers We'll awake you with sex and prayers To help us make gold, oh Lord Moon's Dyer!

Calling you I ride the lightning Praying you to set me free When I invoke you I reach the power In your light my mind is free. And through the baptism of fire Mete will make all things blossom I abjure my faith for yours, for all your pleasures!

This Supreme Court of Christ Has recognised your heretic state. You have denied your God To worship his enemy. In Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) - Death SS - Heavy Demons name of our Lord The trail has just begun We have heard the witnesses and proved your sins. Now you must confess All your blasphemies So send this man to torture, the dungeon awaits him. Red-hot iron and the whip can help you To remember who is the only Lord.

Shout all your curses! Reach the flames of Hell! Then you'll doomed to die On the burning stake. It's the only way to save your guilty soul. The result of your studies Now must be destroyed All your wealth confiscated 'cause this is the Law! So your ashes will be thrown to the wind And we all will forget your cursed name! I don't care if you're innocent My only pleasure is to see you bleed. Pains and suffering have fortified my reign The church of fear, the reign of blessed death!

The last King's descendant will die in torture, killed by a Templar! My curse is not over yet I confessed under torture all you sins. I'm dead guiltless! I ask for revenge! My order was mighty and strong A model of faith in all the Western world. The Temple is now destroyed By the greediness of your black, twisted soul. One after the other you all must die Time will not stop the Templar's revenge The great injustice asks to be avenged with blood For innocent lives that died in flames.

All Soul's Day And now you sleep Your longest and last sleep With no awakening Under that holy cross That stands tall in the wind in memory. Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) - Death SS - Heavy Demons epitaph upon your grave Reminds us still Of your great love for life.

Now listen to me You're ready to be Led across the way From which you cannot stray. The phase you're begun Leads you towards the sun And when you'll see the light It will end your plight In all soul's day The trumpets of judgement Shall call again For your cold body.

Your empty orbits Now full of worms Return to see again 'Cause we're all here And here we wait While your ashes Blow like dust in the wind. The phase you're begun Leads you towards the sun Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) - Death SS - Heavy Demons Katia (Woman In Love) - Claudio Donati - Katia (Woman In Love) / Clelia you'll see the light It will end your plight In all soul's day You'll be so afraid tonight.


Semi-Detached Life - The Outsiders - Vital Years, I Think of You - The Typhoons - Presenting The Fabulous Typhoons, Never Be An Angel - Margaret Becker - Steps Of Faith 1987-1991, Ja Ću Budna Sanjati - Vanna - S Prijateljima U Lisinskom


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    Death Walks Behind You (Bonus Track) Where Have You Gone? Remix (Bonus Track) Horrible Eyes (Live) (Bonus Track) Thrill Seeker (Bonus Track) Remix – Luciano Zella /5(25).
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    Death Walks Behind You [Atomic Rooster Cover] [Bonus Track] Death walks behind you, Death walks behind you, Lock the door, switch the light. You'll be so afraid tonight. Hide away from the beast, Count the nine lives that you had. Start to scream, shout for help, There is no one by your side. To forget what is done, Seems so hard to carry on.
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    Inquisitor Templar's Revenge All Soul's Day Sorcerous Valley (Back To The Real) Death Walks Behind You [Atomic Rooster cover] (bonus track) Where Have You Gone? [remix] (bonus track) Horrible Eyes [live] (bonus track) Thrill Seeker (bonus track) /5(1).
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    Tracks 9 and 12 are bonus tracks for the CD edition. Graphics by Sylman Productions. Originally released in three versions: CD, 12" on black vinyl and as a limited 12" on red vinyl. Reissued by Lucifer Rising Records in with four bonus tracks: Death Walks Behind You (Atomic Rooster cover) [] Where Have You Gone? (remix) []
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    Nov 04,  · Heavy Demons, an Album by Death SS. Released in on Lucifer Rising (catalog no. CD/LR ; CD). Genres: Heavy Metal/5(1).
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    Bonus Tracks: Death Walk Behind You (Atomic Rooster cover) () Where Have You Gone? (Remix) () Horrible Eyes (Live) () Thrill Seeker () Tracks taken from Where Have You Gone? 12". Track unreleased.
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    Songtext Heavy Demons (Remix '92) — Death Ss: [Bonus Track], We were born on the night of Apocalypse, We arrived here riding the light, We dare the forces of creation, We rule the world and the elements, We bring war.
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    Originally released in ; first remastered reissue on Steve Sylvester own label with 4 bonus tracks. Oliver Reed is special guest star (vocals) on Walpurgisnacht.-Tracks 13, 14, 15 taken from the EP Where Have You Gone?, [Uncredited] credits derived from this release. Track number 13 is an Atomic Rooster cover. On spine cat. number is CD/LR /5(1).

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