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Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon

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Label: Harvest - SHVL 804 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Israel • Genre: Rock • Style: Classic Rock, Prog Rock
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Primarily developed during live performances, the band premiered an early version of the record several months before Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon began.

New material was recorded in two sessions in and at Abbey Road Studios in London. The record builds on ideas explored in Survival Tactics - Ded Tebiase x Javier SMI - 3D Floyd's earlier recordings and performances, while omitting the extended instrumentals that characterised their earlier work. A concept albumits themes explore conflict, greed, time, death, and mental illnessthe latter partly inspired by the deteriorating health of founding member Syd Barrettwho departed the group in The group used recording techniques such as multitrack recordingtape loopsand analogue synthesisers.

Snippets from interviews with the band's road crewas well as philosophical quotations, were also used. The sleeve, which depicts a prism spectrumwas designed by Storm Thorgersonfollowing keyboardist Richard Wright 's request for a "simple and bold" design, representing the band's lighting and the record's themes.

The album was promoted with two singles: " Money " and " Us and Them ". The Dark Side of the Moon received critical acclaim Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon release, and has since been hailed by critics as one of the greatest albums of all time. With estimated sales of over 45 million copies, it is Pink Floyd's best seller, and one of the best-selling albums worldwide.

The record helped to propel Pink Floyd to international fame, bringing wealth and recognition to all four of its members. It has been remastered and re-released on several occasions, most recently for digital distribution.

In a band meeting at drummer Nick Mason 's home in Camdenbassist Roger Waters proposed that a new album could form part of the tour. Waters' idea was for an album that dealt with things that "make people mad", focusing on the pressures faced by the band during their arduous lifestyle, and dealing with the apparent mental problems suffered by former band member Syd Barrett.

There was definitely a feeling that the words were going to be very clear and specific. Generally, all four members agreed that Waters' album concept unified by a single theme was a good idea. They also purchased extra equipment, which included new speakers, a PA systema track mixing desk with a four channel quadraphonic output, and a custom-built lighting rig. Nine tonnes of kit was transported in three lorries ; this would be the first time the band had taken an entire album on tour.

The new material premiered at The Dome in Brightonon 20 January[11] and after the commercial failure of Medicine Head's album the title was changed back to the band's original preference.

Dark Side of the Moon: A Piece for Assorted Lunaticsas it was then known, [3] was performed in the presence of an assembled press on 17 February — more than a year before its release — at the Rainbow Theatre, and was critically acclaimed. It was so completely understanding and musically questioning.

The new material was performed in the same Purgatory - Iron Maiden - Killers in which it was eventually recorded; differences included the lack of synthesisers in tracks such as " On the Run ", and Bible readings replaced by Clare Torry 's vocals on " The Great Gig in the Sky ". Pink Floyd's lengthy tour through Europe and North America gave them the opportunity to make continual improvements to the scale and quality of their performances.

After a series of dates in North America, the band flew to London to begin recording, from 24 May to 25 June. More concerts in Europe and North America followed before the band returned on 9 January to complete the album.

The Dark Side of the Moon built upon Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd had attempted in their previous live shows and recordings, but lacks the extended instrumental excursions which, according to critic David Frickehad Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon characteristic of the band after founding member Syd Barrett left in Gilmour, Barrett's replacement, later referred to those instrumentals as "that psychedelic noodling stuff", and with Waters cited 's Meddle as a turning-point towards what would be realised on the album.

The Dark Side of the Moon ' s lyrical themes include conflict, greed, the passage of time, death, and insanity, the latter inspired in part by Barrett's deteriorating mental state. Each side of the album is a continuous piece of music. The five tracks on each side reflect various stages of human life, beginning and ending with a heartbeat, exploring the nature of the human experience, and according to Waters "empathy".

Opening with the sound of cash registers and loose change, the first track on side two, " Money ", mocks greed and consumerism using Palabras De Amor - (Words Of Love) - The Mamas & The Papas - Palabras de Amor / Bailando En La Calle lyrics and cash-related sound effects. The album ends Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon " Eclipse ", which espouses the concepts of alterity and unity, while forcing the listener to recognise the common traits shared by humanity.

The band were assigned staff engineer Alan Parsonswho had worked as assistant tape operator on Atom Heart Motherand who had also gained experience as a recording engineer on the Beatles ' Abbey Road and Let It Be. Beginning on 1 June, the first track to be recorded was "Us and Them", followed six days later by "Money". Waters had created effects loops from recordings of various Threat - 絶対無* - In The Decadent Times objects, including coins thrown into a food-mixing bowl taken from his wife's pottery studio, and these were later re-recorded to take advantage of the band's Boomerang - Ashra - Belle Alliance Plus to record a quadraphonic mix of the album Parsons has since expressed dissatisfaction with the result of this mix, attributed to a lack of time and the paucity of available multi-track tape recorders.

A foursome of female vocalists was assembled to sing on "Brain Damage", "Eclipse" and "Time", and saxophonist Dick Parry was booked to play on Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon and Them" and "Money". The album features metronomic sound effects during "Speak to Me", and tape loops opening "Money".

Mason created a rough version of "Speak to Me" at his home, before completing it in the studio. The track serves as an overture and contains cross-fades of elements from other pieces on I Wonder What Became Of Sally - Dave Brennans New Orleans Jazzmen - Bouncing Around album. A piano chord, replayed backwards, serves to augment the build-up of effects, which are immediately followed by the opening of "Breathe".

Mason received a rare solo composing credit for Anything - The Damned - Anything to Me". The sound effects on "Money" were created by splicing together Waters' recordings of clinking coins, tearing paper, a ringing cash register, and a clicking adding machine, which were used to create a 7-beat effects loop later adapted to four tracks in order to create a "walk around the room" effect in quadraphonic presentations of the album.

Along with the conventional rock band instrumentation, Pink Floyd added prominent synthesisers to their sound. They also devised and recorded unconventional sounds, such as an assistant engineer running around the studio's echo chamber during "On the Run"[38] and a specially treated bass drum made to simulate a human heartbeat during "Speak to Me", "On the Run", "Time" and "Eclipse".

This heartbeat is most prominent as the intro and the outro to the album, but it can also be heard sporadically on "Time" and "On the Run". The recordings were initially created as a quadraphonic test by Parsons, who recorded each timepiece A Good Catch - Bald Eagles, Boar, Zane Merrit / T.J. Borden, Jonathan Horne, Paul Hertz, Breakdancin an antique clock shop.

Several tracks, including "Us and Them" and "Time", demonstrated Richard Wright's and David Gilmour's ability to harmonise their voices. To take advantage of this, Parsons utilised studio techniques such as the double tracking of vocals and guitars, which allowed Gilmour to harmonise with himself. The engineer also made prominent use of flanging and phase shifting effects on vocals and instruments, odd trickery with reverb[7] and the panning of sounds between channels most notable in the quadraphonic mix of "On the Run", when the sound of the Hammond B3 organ played through a Leslie speaker rapidly swirls around the listener.

The album's credits include Clare Torrya session singer and songwriter, and a regular at Abbey Road. She had worked on pop material and numerous cover albums, and after hearing one of those albums Parsons invited her to the studio to sing on Wright's composition "The Great Gig in the Sky". She declined this invitation as she wanted to watch Chuck Berry perform at the Hammersmith Odeonbut arranged to come in on the following Sunday.

The band explained the concept behind the album, but were unable to tell her exactly what she should do. Gilmour was in charge of the session, and in a few short takes on a Sunday night Torry improvised a wordless melody to accompany Wright's emotive piano solo. She was initially embarrassed by her exuberance in the recording booth, and wanted to apologise to the band — only to find them delighted with her performance.

The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum, with all post pressings crediting Wright and Torry jointly. Snippets of voices between and over the music are another notable feature of the album. During recording sessions, Waters recruited both the staff and the temporary occupants of the studio to answer a series of questions printed on flashcards. The interviewees were placed in front of a microphone in a darkened Studio 3, [46] and shown such questions as "What's your favourite colour?

Questions such as "When was the last time you were violent? Waters asked him about a violent encounter he had had with another motorist, and Manifold replied " His second wife, Patricia "Puddie" Watts now Patricia Gleasonwas responsible for the line about the "geezer" who was "cruisin' for a bruisin ' " used in the segue between "Money" and "Us and Them", and the words "I never said I was frightened of dying" heard halfway through "The Great Gig in the Sky".

Perhaps the most notable responses "I am not frightened of dying. Any time will do: I don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying? As a matter of fact it's all dark" came from the studios' Irish doorman, Gerry O'Driscoll. Following the completion of the dialogue sessions, producer Chris Thomas was hired to provide "a fresh pair of ears".

Thomas's background was in music, rather than engineering. In fact, there were never any hints that they were later going to fall out. It was a very creative atmosphere. A lot of fun. Thomas was responsible for significant changes to the album, including the perfect timing of the echo used on "Us and Them". He was also present for the recording of "The Great Gig in the Sky" although Parsons was responsible for hiring Torry.

When the record was finished I took a reel-to-reel copy home with me 2. Satz: Adagio - Antonio Vivaldi - Die Vier Jahreszeiten I remember playing it for my wife then, and I remember her bursting into tears when it was finished. Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon I thought, "This has obviously struck a chord somewhere", and I was kinda pleased by that.

You know when you've done something, certainly if you create a piece of music, you then hear it with fresh ears when you play it for somebody else. And at that point I thought to myself, "Wow, this is a pretty complete piece of work", and I had every confidence that people would respond to it.

Hipgnosis had designed several of the band's previous albums, with controversial results; EMI had reacted with confusion when faced with the cover designs for Atom Heart Mother and Obscured by Cloudsas they had expected to see traditional designs which included lettering and words.

Designers Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell were able to ignore such criticism as they were employed by the band. For The Dark Side of the MoonRichard Wright instructed them to come up with something "smarter, neater — more classy". The artwork was created by their associate, George Hardie. Hipgnosis offered the band a choice of seven designs, but all four members agreed that the prism was by far the best.

The final design depicts a glass prism dispersing light into colour. The design represents three elements: the band's stage lighting, the album lyrics, and Wright's request for a "simple and bold" design. Inside the sleeve were two posters and two pyramid-themed stickers. The band were so confident of the quality of Waters' lyrics that, for the first time, they printed them on the album's sleeve. As the quadraphonic mix of the album was not then complete, the band with the exception of Wright boycotted the press reception held at the London Planetarium on 27 February.

Newly appointed chairman Bhaskar Menon set about trying to reverse the relatively poor sales of the band's studio album Meddle. The Dark Side of the Moon was the last album that Pink Floyd were obliged to release before formally signing a new contract. Menon's enthusiasm for the new album was such that he began a huge promotional advertising campaign, which included radio-friendly truncated versions of "Us and Them" and "Time".

The mono side had the word "bullshit" removed from the song — leaving "bull" in its place — however, the stereo side retained the uncensored version. This was subsequently withdrawn; the replacement was sent to Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon stations with a note advising disc jockeys to dispose of the first uncensored copy. In the US the LP was released before the introduction of platinum awards in And this one was clear and concise.

The cover was also right. I think it's become like a benevolent noose hanging behind us. Throughout our entire career, people have said we would never top the Dark Side record and tour. But The Wall earned more in dollar terms.

The cover design was again by Storm Thorgerson, the designer of the original cover.


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    Dark Side Of The Moon, perhaps due to its oblique nature, is now regarded as Pink Floyd’s apex and one of the greatest albums in rock history, selling over 34 million records and inspiring many artists to think in deeper, more cerebral terms when crafting albums.
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    The Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth studio album by English rock band Pink Floyd, released on March 1st, It is a concept album that takes listeners across various stages of human life.
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    Pink Floyd Mason, Waters, Wright, Gilmour) 7: 06 The Dark Side of The Moon Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way. Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town Waiting for someone or something to show you the way. Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
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