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Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat

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Label: Distillery Records - DR • Format: CDr Album • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Pop • Style: Noise, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Download Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat

I wish the people that made DVDs of animated shows put in this much work to put them in the right order. Slow Boat To Havana - 2 Bass Hit - Thats Our Cue Disney Afternoon shows O.D.d On Life Itself - Blue Öyster Cult - The Longest Live: For Hardcore BÖC Fans Only really bad in regards to episodes being out of order.

I think they're going by production order, but clearly the people making these DVD sets didn't even bother to watch the episodes and just blindly slapped them on there.

For Darkwing Duck they at least had the sense to move the first episode to the start of the first DVD set, but everything after that is out of order, with characters showing up before their introductory episodes. Many A Soalin - Peter, Paul And Mary* - In Concert these introductory episodes haven't even been released on DVD yet, as they never completed the release of any of these shows on DVD.

My god, you put a hell of a lot more work into deciphering the continuity of this show than any of the show-runners or people in charge of the series did. Your hard work is appreciated. Its rather obvious that the writers of this show were all writing scripts at the same time The Unfinished Poem - Goocher - Germinate had no idea what the other writers were doing, hence two Atlantis, two alien Turtle Planets, etcso all the scripts were written without any knowledge for the most part of what anyone Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat was doing.

This is especially noticeable in Season 4 due to the sheer mass of episodes that season. That being said the show had a lot of sequel episodes where past events were referenced or brought up, so it seems like if something happened in a previous season and they made a similar plot or brought back a recurring villain, it was usually remembered. I also sometimes wonder if Scumbug had a Season 5 episode planned but for some reason the script was never approved, hence why he recognizes the Turtles in Season 7.

After 10 seasons and multiple writers, changing broadcast stations, dozens of animation teams, and the fad dying The show could have ended on a random non-finale like the Season 4 or 6 final episodes random mad scientist episodesor what Japan stopped at, and that would have been terrible.

The original cartoon must have had one of the strangest production schedules in cartoon history. I always do appreciate that David Wise tried to keep the show on track as best he could. It really just shows how different cartoons are made between then and now. One of the things the show could have done without were the 'this happened in episode -blank-' jokes since they're never set in the number the joke was referring to.

Even when they originally aired them they were messed up at times. Some of his season 3 changes are silly, but some make sense. Thought you might want to consider a couple of his ideas. Anon I don't agree with all of the OP of that thread's decisions, but he does make some good points. I considered shuffling "Case of the Killer Pizzas" to before the Eye of Sarnath arc since Baxter is more or less on Shredder's good side in "Case", whereas his being banished to Dimension X for his failures in "Enter the Fly" makes that episode a better followup to "Curse of the Evil Eye" than "Case".

My only reservation was that Krang helps Shredder in "Case" for failing to stop the Turtles on his own, which made more sense as an episode later in the season than in beginning. But Shredder's like about trying to "make a ninja out of" Baxter made more sense coming right after "Return of the Shredder" where he tries to train ninja goons, so It's a bit Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat a give and take. I'll go over some of his other season 2 suggestions and maybe take a few of them to heart and shuffle that season around a bit.

Couldn't hurt. Well jeez, this is just what I'm looking for. I googled "tmnt watch order" and this came up. I'll be using your method to rewatch them even if it is a lot of shuffling around. Hi Mark, it's great you decided to tackle this. I don't agree with all your decisions but you mostly I think did well with this.

Just want to point out about the plot similarities issue that occurred I contacted David Wise just yesterday and he mentioned he wasn't aware of previous scripts by other writers hence the plot similarities. Jack Mendelsohn as script editor must have forgot about those previous stories. Hope that clarification helps. The episode titles in the lists are transparent. They have white text on in the mobile view a white background. Hey Mark, I'll be viewing the episodes in the order you have compiled starting tomorrow when its the 23rd of April where I live.

At a rate of one episode a day, I should be able to finish all episodes by the 2nd November,exaclty 20 years after the original cartoon ended.

This should be an entertaining marathon. Gotta love the OT. A couple of my thoughts on the timeline: First, regarding "Tower of Power" and "Rust Never Sleeps", I've figured out that the two sort-of work together if you watch "Tower of Power" up to the arrival in Paris, then Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat "Rust Never Sleeps", then watch the rest of "Tower of Power".

Second, I've always felt that "Cyber Turtles" and "Turtle Trek" should occur immediately after "Wrath of the Rat King", as the Turtles spend all their time tracking and fighting Shredder and Krang rather obessively, in fact during the Season 8 episodes in which they appear, but aren't concerned about Shredder and Krang at all in "State of Shock" and the HAVOC trilogy.

That's an awesome list you've got here. My only problem with it is my fondness for the CBS Hour format, where the first episode would be a Shredder episode and the second would be a Shredderless episode that usually focused on an individual turtle.

So I've come up with my own alternate viewing order list for the CBS Hour seasons relying on a combo of your viewing order, the Official List, and RowdyC's Ninja Turtle Retrospective videos where he adamantly, even angrily, insists his memory of the broadcast order is more accurate than the Official List.

Whether it is, it definitely makes more sense. And so here LAmoureuse - Carla Bruni - Comme Si De Rien NÉtait is. I bought all of the DVD sets as they were being released, so I never did buy any of the 'complete' sets. I'm not sure if the complete box sets had any supplemental material that would help decipher the episode order.

I was thinking though He might even know why Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat decisions were made with the simultaneous syndication and CBS stuff. Anyways, great work on your list, and this would be the order I'd watch the episodes, unless Solution - Various - 100pler production code list materializes and conflicts with it.

I don't know where the content for that 'TV Broadcast' column on the episode guides on Wikipedia came from. Someone knew that there was a cancelled episode intended as the 10th in Hip Hop 2000 (Intro) - Various - Hip Hop Generacija 2000 2, but there's no citation.

Id imagine with some of the really bad episodes one might be able to come up with a list to watch the series in a shorter time by cutting out some of the less important episodes.

Maybe with that technique you could "sky turtles" some of the others to fit with the gags. Ha I think i might try to do this. Id be nice to get season 2 and 3 down to 20 or less episodes each. Im sure it can be done and still have a comprehensive storyline. In fact it might even make the series a little bit more enjoyable.

Can you do this for the series also? I know there's a timeline at Jephael's fansite, but I'm talking about an episode order. Why do you want a list? Did you find something was amiss? Also, mad props for making this list, Mark. Thank you for providing A LOT of the Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat there!

It's good to see some more super heroic cartoon guides to be like that! Post a Comment. Some of it aired on CBS Saturday mornings.

Some of it aired in syndication on weekday afternoons. Some of it aired on the USA Network on weekday mornings. And some of it even got the Prime Time Special treatment. As a result, the episodes were badly, badly jumbled up from what their narrative chronology should have been. While the bookending seasons did have legitimate serialized story arcs, the majority of the episodes from seasons 3 through 7 were episodic with only the occasional multi-parter and season finale to define the order of events.

That said, what little continuity there WAS in those seasons was ravaged, particularly during season 4, and viewing the show in either the broadcast or catalog orders will leave you confounded. There are a lot of irreconcilable continuity errors and contradictions which no amount of creative reordering can repair.

Rather than break the episodes up by season, I decided to organize them by the location of the Technodrome or the standing of the main villains. See the Notes section at the end of the article for explanations about the order or various anomalies. The Epic Begins. The Technodrome in Livin In Miami - Various - Teenage Kicks X.

The Technodrome at the Earth's Core. The Technodrome on the Ocean Floor. It aired as a five-part miniseries, so the chronology is intuitive. It's the looser second half of the season that inspired some episode shuffling, even if on the surface it might not seem like anything was needed. This actually works as a followup to "Return of the Shredder", where Shredder's original goal upon returning to Earth was to rebuild his ninja army.

The only problem is that the episode opens with Krang sending resources to Shredder, as he deems him incapable of functioning on his own; an event that makes a bit more sense as a later season episode than at the beginning.

So it was give Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat take, but I think "Case" fits Frozen In Hell - Necessity - Necessity Meets The Rat better before the Eye of Sarnath arc.

A recurring theme in the season is Irma's desire to meet the Turtles, so episodes like "New York's Shiniest" have to take place before she meets them in "The Catwoman of Channel 6". It also features a line from Krang boasting about the Technodrome's imminent return to Earth, so it makes for a solid prelude to the season finale "Return of the Technodrome" which ultimately sees it buried at the Earth's core.

That said, there were a few bits of discontinuity to fix-up. So these episodes have to happen in succession. This is me stupidly trying too hard. As a result, my order has the Turtles going from Paris, to Italy, to Portugal, which is pretty counter-intuitive i f you look at a map. The syndicated episodes were the last to use the original title sequence and episode title cards.

So, unfortunately, shuffling the syndicated and Saturday morning season 4 episodes around will result in jumbled title sequences. I went through every episode of this season and looked at all the establishing shots of the Technodrome, trying to determine which episodes took place before the volcanic eruption and which episodes took place afterward. These episodes aired between seasons 4 and 5 but are cataloged as season 5. However, they have the original title sequence and title cards which were discontinued after the syndicated episodes of season 4, which is why I put them near the start of the season.


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    In “The Ice Creature Cometh”, it briefly escapes from the chasm and into the light of day, only to be frozen in place by a melting ice monster. Any episode with an establishing shot that showed the Technodrome not in that chasm, but in the light of day, I shuffled to the end of the season.
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