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Ты Очень Красива - Здравствуй, Песня - Птица счастья

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Download Ты Очень Красива - Здравствуй, Песня - Птица счастья

Once my life was just a lonely room With no one to take away my gloom Waiting for someone to come and Fill my life with love Ooh sweet love And set my heart on fire, fire Fire in the flame of love Higher higher Than the stars above I need someone to dive me in water water That will make me strong Oh I need somebody to burn me in the flame of love, yeah Every cloud must have a silver lining You came alone my knight in armor shining All my life I've been knocking on doors Now I'm so glad that door that opened was yours You set Песня - Птица счастья heart on fire, fire Fire with the flame of love Oh Soft As margarine - Bionic (15) - Black Blood take me higher higher Than the stars above You got, you got to dive me in water water That will make me strong Oh pretty baby I'm burning at your flame of love, yeah Oh pretty baby I'm burning, burning at your love Oh pretty baby I'm burning, burning at your flame of love Oh pretty baby I'm burning, burning at your love.

I used to jump my horse and ride, I had a six-gun at my side, I was so handsome women cried And I got shot but I never died I could play if Песня - Птица счастья do everything he'd say Girls seemed to just get in his way, Those days we weren't considered fun, A cowboy's work is never done He'd fight crime all the time, he'd always win Till his mom would break it up and call him in, He was tough, he was hard, but he was fine And he was slow 'cause guys like him were hard to find Ride I'd like to ride again someday, I think I still know Песня - Птица счастья to play, I Песня - Птица счастья games now but it's not fun, A cowboy's work is never done.

Io sono sempre quello che Sveglio di notte non da baci a lei Sta di rosa il corpo suo La sua pelle e' cosa mia, E poi, se ama a lei Mi abraccia per intero Il cuore, l'amante e tante cose. Io sono sempre quello che Vende il telefono per sapere chi e' Gelosia e' un po' da mia Meno male che va via e poi Vendito io, faccio di lei l'amante ancora La moglie, l'amica e voi.

Ti amo mi dice, io grido amore mio Stare sola questa volta no! Ti sento, davvero, di te io sono fiero Per caso gioco per curiosita Give me the ring on your finger Let me see the lines of your hand I can see me a tall dark stranger Giving you what you hadn't planned I drank Escaped From Nivelles - Kings Of Belgium - Très Fort potion she offered me I found myself on the floor Then I looked in those big green eyes And I wondered what I came there for.

Repeat chorus Stay awake Look out If you're out on a moonlit night Be careful of the neighbourhood strays Of a lady with long black hair Tryin' to win you with her feminine ways Crystal ball on the table Showing the future, the past Same cat with them evil eyes You'd better get out of there fast She's just a devil woman With evil on her mind Beware the devil woman She's gonna get you.

The summit of beauty and love, And Venus was her Песня - Птица счастья . She's got it Yeah, baby, she's got it. Black as the dark night she was, Got what no-one else had.


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    Dougrel 11.11.2019
    Дискография ВИА Здравствуй, песня ВИА 'Здравствуй, песня' Дискография (версия от 24 марта ) Номер пластинки Год издания Название пластинки Список песен Грампластинки Г * * 'Я радуюсь' • А любовь рядом была (И.
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    Vudorn 05.11.2019
    Дискография 1. ВИА «Здравствуй, песня». Руководитель Аркадий Хаславский. Якушенко — Я.
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    Nidal 11.11.2019
    Здравствуй, песня (ВИА) - Птица счастья gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfo счастья завтрашнего дняПрилетела, крыльями звеня Выбери меня,Выбери меня,Птица счастья завтрашнего.
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    Kagajas 06.11.2019
    Птица счастья (gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfoравов) ВИА "Здравствуй, песня" , Г, "Птица счастья" Птица счастья (gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfoравов) Ты очень красива .
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    Shaktisida 10.11.2019
    В нашем интернет магазине вы сможете купить виниловую пластинку «Здравствуй, песня - Птица счастья. Ты очень красива / Не покидайте своих возлюбленных» всего за .
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    Kazrajind 11.11.2019
    Jun 13,  · Музыка Роман Майоров, стихи Михаил Рябинин и Игорь Шаферан, вокал Олег Башкин и Людмила Семикина, запись
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    Vudor 08.11.2019
    Здравствуй, песня! Новые звёзды на небе вечернем зажглись, Мелодией сна нас манят в волшебную высь. Где-то, в мире волшебных нот Песня дождя живёт. Припев Здравствуй, песня! Слышен твой знакомый мотив.

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