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Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre

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Label: GUN Records - 88697 09651 2,Sony BMG Music Entertainment - 88697 09651 2 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop • Style: Electro, Industrial, Ballad, Darkwave
Download Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre

CD 2: #2 - David Shea - Prisoner Suffocating Endlessly Durch Fremde Hand We purge your words of wisdom With darkness at our side Burning down your kingdom To honour those who died.

With a thousand voices We cry out our tears Our solitude and anger Our hopes and fears. Our open hearts bear wisdom For everyone to see To be a guiding light For those in misery. We will wage this war forever On each and every battleground With every word and song With every move and sound. For a thousand years from now Our souls will echo on In your hearts and minds Although we are gone. The weight of the world lies on my shoulders The castles I build are made out of sand Everyone is a little bit lost sometimes When everything seems to get out of hand.

My best dreams have turned to nightmares The demos inside have not yet been banned Everyone is a little bit lost sometimes When everything seems to get out of hand. I am alone With the banners I have flown On darkened shores I was stranded All my shelters I abandoned The sun of truth has struck me blind A crying soul, left behind.

My eyes can see The shadows of a memory Ich schweife durch die Nacht Und bin zum letzten Schritt bereit Ich bin am Ende angelangt Ich kann nicht mehr, es tut mir leid! Was gesagt ist, ist gesagt Was geschehen Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahreist geschehen Die Welt dreht sich trotzdem weiter Sie wird sich immer weiter drehen Du denkst Du teilst meinen Schmerz?

Du denkst Du kennst die Dunkelheit Tief in meinem Herz? Wirst Du in meine Seele Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre Niemals! Auch nur ein Wort von mir verstehen Niemals! Wirst Du mit meinen Augen sehen. And I watch the fading sunset As the waves come crashing in I hope the sea will cleanse me From the pain within.

In seas of sin, I lost my soul Never to be found A life astray, without control Sinking to the Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre. Still ist's in den weiten Auen Selbst die Donau ihre blauen Wogen hemmt Denn sie schlafen hier gemeinsam Die, die Fluten still und einsam Angeschwemmt.

Hollow moments Hollow times The punishment for all my crimes A hollow truth For me to face Like an angel who fell from grace. Come a little closer I spilled while searching for the light Come a little closer No absolution for my soul Come a little closer My deeds demand their bitter toll. Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre grey roads seem endless As the days go by Waking up each morning Under a different sky.

Far away from home We step into the light To resurrect the sleeping For another Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre . Tonight we will go up in flames Driven by our pain and sorrow And they will all scream out our names As if there's no tomorrow.

We bleed our minds into the air Behind a veil of grey And feed upon your holy screams Whatever they may say. Your tears will satisfy our thirst And guide us on the way As they told us in the past That we haven't gone astray.

I've always been a dreamer Who just wanted to see That everything is possible To make these dreams reality.

All my hopes and all my fears My dreams and visions, all the tears All my demons I condemn Make me up, that's who I am. I was never satisfied With what I had achieved I always reached up to the sky For things I had believed. I've always been impulsive Always stood in my own way Saw more in every spoken word Than it could ever say.

I keep screaming out your name What have I become A mere shadow of myself just a shadow Fleeing from the sun. I'm so numb I don't feel a thing I'm so lost In this burning suffering. What is already known to man That never, neither of us can Stand against his destiny Its So Good (Jaspa Jones Remix) - Various - Progressive City 1 were not made for me.

I stand here with no tears to cry No twisted tongue to speak a lie Like so many years before But how long can you ignore. What the world has clearly seen All that will be and what has been Is defined by destiny Made by gods, and not by me. It is you who wants to hold me Until the end of time Hold me so hard I cannot breathe But our words don't rhyme. Your love just makes me colder Although I want to feel The fire that I gave to you Hoping it would heal.

The bleeding wound deep in me The emptiness inside To unveil the buried love That I try to hide. I cannot take it anymore Like so many times before My soul a war-torn battlefield With bridges burned and portals sealed.

I can never run away From the war inside of me I can never turn away From every bleeding memory. I travelled endless miles and more To flee from who I was before Through deepest pain and agony To be somebody else but me. We are just what we've become We can't make what we did undone But we can change who we will be In everybody's memory.

Falling lonely through the ceiling A water drop does find its way Wounds that never will be healing Scar me since that very day. There is nothing left to do but pray The day you died I lost my way You always cared and helped me see Out of this misery. Now you're gone and I'm still here Lost Oblivion - Johan Verminnen, Danny Verbiest, Michel Bisceglia - Luistervinken 2 left behind A new born visionary Who has gone blind.

Then, in my childhood, in the dawn Of a most stormy life was drawn From every depth of good and ill The mystery which binds me still:. From the torrent, or the fountain, From the red cliff of the mountain, From the sun that round me rolled In its autumn tint of gold, From the lightning in the sky As it passed me flying by, From the thunder and the storm, And Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre cloud that took the form When the rest of heaven was blue Of a demon in my view.

In spring of youth it was my lot To haunt of the wide world a spot The which I could not love the less, So lovely was the loneliness Of a wild lake, with black rock bound, And the tall pines that towered around. But when the night had thrown her pall Upon that spot, as upon all, And the mystic wind went by Murmuring in melody, Then - ah then I would awake To the terror of the lone lake. Yet that terror was not fright, But a tremulous delight, A feeling not the jewelled mine Could teach or bribe me to define, Nor love - although the love were thine.

Death was in that poisonous wave, And in its gulf a fitting grave For him who thence could solace bring To his lone imagining, Whose solitary soul could make An Eden of that dim lake.

Now I lie broken on the ground No tears are left, no single sound To express the pain in me In my deepest agony. Our heaven has become my hell No more Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre left to tell I fell from grace that very day Broken and alone. I put you up, you put me down You left me broken on the ground You killed my love and broke my heart You tore it out - ripped it apart. You destroyed what we had built Our world Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre honesty You had all my feelings killed By your broken Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre . The more you learned and grown The more you hated me In my blindness you have pushed me Down into misery.

I loved you more than I could say And we would never part You'd tell me nearly every day But still you broke my heart. Ich schreie stumm Quem Viver, Verá - Silvio Cesar - Silvio Cesar zu Dir Sag mir: kannst Du mich verstehen?

I am far from what I've been A new world for me to see All precious things that I have seen Look simple and so small to me All banners waved are set aflame As mountains rise in front me No mercy and no one to blame For the darkness I will to see With every aspect of my soul I am longing for relief From this darkest certainty I wish I could believe Every second I seek answers To the question that has none I Hear Music - The Machines - Jungle has to remain unanswered Until we are gone With every hour that I spend On exploring this terrain Fear is growing, ever onward How long can I stand this pain?

With every aspect of my soul I am longing for relief From this darkest certainty I just wish I could believe That there will be something After bodies cease to be The fear that there could be nothing Is paralysing me.

Lass uns diesen Weg Gemeinsam bis zum Ende gehen. I found you broken on the ground From your mouth a bitter sound That became sweeter as I approached You in your deepest agony I put you up and raised you well And more than stories ever tell I fell in love with you those days And hoped that you would too You've been a fallen angel Ripped out of the sky But as your wings grew strong enough You left me - behind to die We built up our own world together For our future I assumed I believed in what you said that day But was already doomed The more you've learned and grown The less you cared for me But I was too blinded by my feelings To Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre the dawning agony I love you more than I can say And we will never part You told me nearly every day But still you broke my heart As soon as you could fly again Into the open sky You left me without any reason Back on this world to die.

When all my pain to rest was laid The tears had dried, the changes made And peace I found in loneliness As gentle, caring emptiness Old rituals gone, the past denied To grave be laid the tears I cried And find the strength to feel and see The fate that lies ahead of me The time has come to turn the tide To break the bonds that years have tied A time of change - a time of gain To clean the soul with healing rain Betrayal, lie, dishonesty Of those who had surrounded me Filled the emptiness inside And took my honour and my pride And as my tongue spoke foreign words And my hands did work, not mine I stepped away from my own self A puppet made by their design I felt I had to clean their traces Crush their words, erase their faces Kill their presence deep in me To open up my eyes to see.

My only friend was solitude And only darkness seemed to care So I forged this dreadful mask That I am cursed to wear Now everyday it's staring at me Hanging from the wall "Without me you are useless! My summer's worn out And my winter's just begun My last snow has fallen With the dawning of the sun I see them staring at me With their greedy eyes I clench my fist and hatred rises As I fall into demise I want to take their lives for freedom And consume their souls for peace A total war to find my kingdom My total war to find release When bones are broken, blood is spilled By a fist that's led with force Will the minds change bitter plans Or continue on their course Can the pain that one might bring Change a state of mind Can the taking of a life Bring light to the blind?

What has happened to you? What has changed you in this way? I cannot get through to you Doesn't matter what I say What happened to the Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre in you?

To the darkness you disbanded? I try to listen to your voice But cannot understand it Can you hear me calling? Are you listening to me? Can you see me falling? Or are you too blind to see? Have you spoken to me? Have I felt a breath of you? Did I catch a glimpse of light Of the person that I knew Just to understand the reasons I would go, where you've gone to But please give me just one sign So I know it's still you.

My dedication for the cause And the wishes I've withdrawn Blessed me with nothing but the blame For friendships lost and virtues gone My loyalty and honesty Held nothing but decay Blessed me with nothing but the blame If we had lost our way Why don't you believe in me Despite the battles we have won?

Why still sacrifice myself I have no strength to carry on The invidia of those surrounding Forges doubts in what I do And breaks the chains that years have tied After all that we've been through. Doch wohin soll jetzt ich mich wenden? Wohin wird mein Weg nun gehen? Why Stern - LÂme Immortelle - 10 Jahre my memory still longing Is it still longing for you Why is my heart never beating?

Is it still beating for you. As time has passed Nothing has changed As tides have turned I am still the same. Have I ever been in love with you? Have you ever been in love with me? Candy On The Dancefloor (Radio Edit) - Various - Sunshine Live Volume:027 am I still breathing? Am I breathing because of you?

Why is my pain never ceasing? This is, this is because of you. I tried to wash your scent From the surface of my skin I tried to drown my memory. I tried to mute your voice That still echoes in my ear I tried to chase away the shadows.


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    This CD was a great place to start with collecting L'ame Immortelle. The lead singer has an amazing voice and I have enjoyed many of the tracks. This compliation has a lot of their older music so some of it is is more metal than others but still moving. My favorite tracka are 5 Jahre, Judgement(of course!), Gefallen, Bitterkeit and No Tomorrow/5(3).
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    Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about L'Âme Immortelle - 10 Jahre at Discogs. Complete your L'Âme Immortelle collection/5(18).
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    L’Âme Immortelle Stern lyrics: Für diese Welt da scheint mein Leben / Von Schmerz und Leiden stets ver.
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    5 Jahre Phönix Nur Du Tiefster Winter Aus den Ruinen Fallen Angel Stumme Schreie Judgement Lass mich fallen Du siehst mich nicht Gefallen Stern Bitterkeit Figure in the Mirror Life will never be the same again Bonustracks: Come closer
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of 10 Jahre on Discogs.5/5(2).
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