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Skulls - Entrails - Obliteration

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Label: Metal Blade Records - 3984-15393-1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered Pink • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal
Download Skulls - Entrails  - Obliteration

Translate Email Print. No Cross Left Skulls - Entrails - Obliteration 2. Epitome Of Death 3. Beyond The Flesh 4. The Grotesque 5. Obliterate 6. Skulls 7. Midnight Coffin 8. Bonestorm 9. Abyss Of Corpses Re-Animation Of The Dead Berzerk Showing no mercy, tonight.

Igniting the night with flames of wrath. Fire is my guiding light. Until there's no cross left unturned. This is the time to make them burn. Inverting Skulls - Entrails - Obliteration cross, the hoax of christ. Evil has no boundaries. I yearn to burn, to kill the lies. Destroying them, piece by piece. For now there's no cross left to turn. I am the one who makes them burn. This is the path of no return. Time to burn!

Catacombs filled with blood, boiling the holy from within. I am the resurrected, born of fire and sin. Burning and killing and slaying. Ripping and tearing Skulls - Entrails - Obliteration screaming. Stabbing and slashing and thrashing. Beheading and hunting, then hell.

Igniting and laughing and watching. Maiming and chopping and bleeding. Destroying and crushing, them dying. Epitome Of Death Wings of darkness, embrace me. For I am chosen, I am set free. Killing for pleasure is what I do. Death, you quench my thirst, I don't care who. Satisfaction is what I need, a morbid fix. Murder, my only urge is to murder. I feel empty without murder. It makes my life complete.

I am the epitome of death. The fear in their eyes, as I sharpen my knife. Tears and screams, as I take their lives. There is something inside me, a growing lust. The relentless urge has become a must.

Doomed to a hollow life, I murder for kicks. Beyond The Flesh Caught in total sickness from centuries of old. Born in utter darkness, Death will now unfold. Beyond the flesh, beyond the flesh. Skulls - Entrails - Obliteration is coming from far beyond the flesh. Spreading like a leper that's crawling down your spine. Death and hell and vomit, all of them entwined. Plague is now upon us, dead you soon will be. When darkness is unchained in this pestilent spree. Black Death rules the earth, blood becomes the soil.

Pale cadavers everywhere, their skin begins to boil. No sign of life, all is gone by a leprosy. Morning Girl - Jim Pike - Morning Girl earth is raped by the stench, darkness it will be.

The Grotesque Death is now upon me, I inhale it's might. Atrocities by hand, turning day to night. Destroy the human filth! Slicing up the flesh! The Grotesque.

Inhuman bliss. Into the grip of the Grotesque. Grotesquery inside my head, victims I abduct. Take them to a hidden place, they do as I instruct. Peeling off the skin to a disgusting mesh. Tie them up, gag their mouths, my scalpel shine. Warm blood is dripping now from their bodies that are mine. Obliterate Day of terror, day of wrath. Everything will die tonight. A world in ruins, Hell's aftermath. Infernal Death in sight. Die under my command. Everyone will die. War and bloodshed. The world will burn.

A world in ashes, devastation. You can't hear one breath. Total striking obliteration. Bestial fucking Death. Skulls Trapped in devastation, the afterglow of Welcome To Stonia - Palat nr.15 - Näljalinn. Human termination, revel in flesh and gore. Visions of bestial warfare, morbid minds align.

In the burning corpses glare, we killed what we could find. Into the Death. The final path to the beyond. Pulverized humans on the ground: Killed, beaten, gone. In times of war and hellish gore, blood fills the dawn. The end of all is now here, life does not exist. Forever dead eternally, forgotten in the mist. Into a deathlike silence, as the My Blue Heaven - Bob Thiele And His New Happy Times Orchestra Featuring The Sunflower Singers And St burns.

War and blood, Haze - Sobut / Reach - 7 Songs and rage, for Death I yearn. Midnight Coffin Possessed night of a possessed Death. All life is broken. Crawling evil summoned tonight.


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    Kigajora 17.11.2019
    May 19,  · Skulls Midnight Coffin Bonestorm Abyss of Corpses Re-Animation of the Dead ENTRAILS were officially signed by Metal Blade Records in March of ENTRAILS played numerous festival shows in the summer (like gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfo and Summer Breeze a.o.) and started recording the album in September in Jimmy's own studio.
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    Vishakar 11.11.2019
    May 21,  · Fans of the original wave of Swedish death metal are in for a treat, from Entrails‘s latest release, Obliteration. As the band says, it’s ten tracks of “death metal and nothing else.” As the band says, it’s ten tracks of “death metal and nothing else.”.
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    Mezuru 09.11.2019
    The verse-chorus approach to OSDM quickly wears thin, and an utter lack of personality doesn't do Obliteration any further favours. The riffs are pretty garden-variety and while the band offers a decent array, each one sounds like it came from a Dismember B-side.
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    Fegul 11.11.2019
    Entrails has always been one of my favorite Death Metal bands. I've looked forward to their last album Raging Death and it didn't disappoint, now Obliteration arrived and I had to order it. Obliteration is a pummeling old school Death Metal album and I think it is their best work to date/5(7).
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    Dirg 10.11.2019
    First press digipak with two bonus tracks Track 12 is a Heavy Load (2) cover Recorded December /January at Bloodshed Studios All music / lyrics are written and performed by Entrails.
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    Shakat 09.11.2019
    May 19,  · ENTRAILS were officially signed by Metal Blade Records in March of ENTRAILS played numerous festival shows in the summer (like gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfo and Summer Breeze a.o.) and started recording the album in September in Jimmy's own studio. The recordings were finished by the end of .

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