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Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal

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Label: Join This Order - JTO 011 • Format: CDr Compilation Vinyl look • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
Download Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal

Saturday the 17th of November was a pretty metal night in the DC area. There were four bands from outside of the area at this show, including the headliner, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercultwhich came all the way from Germany to play in this dive.

Although El Caracol Bar has put on a few metal shows in the past this was my first time stepping foot in the venue. The pool tables had all been pushed out of the way and two of them were being used as tables for merch display. Throughout the night I found myself dodging the low hanging lights hovering above where the pool tables had been. The walls had several posters of women in bikinis advertising beer and various Samba Pa Ti - Fausto Papetti - 12a Raccolta for what appeared to be pool tournaments, an odd setting for a black metal show.

There is a stage towards the front of the venue which had been built out of plywood and particle board. To keep the audience off the stage they put three metal poles across the front of it, one on each side and one centered, that were tethered with two plastic coated steel cables. However, the shoddy craftsmanship of the stage would be an issue later in the evening.

I did order food at one point, and let me tell you it was very authentic and quite delicious. Their best beer was Guinness but most people were drinking quart sized Corona bottles. I had one such drunk come up to me and explain he had come to the show looking for a fight. Then, in his alcohol infused haze, he began trying to trick me into arguing with him.

Eventually a few of his friends pulled him away from my table but damn that was annoying. I did see the guy involved in several fights later in the night but he was never kicked out.

Hell, other than the armed security guard outside the door checking IDs, there was no real security Keep Your Hand Off My Baby - Skeeter Davis - The End Of The World the venue.

There is another black metal show that will be there on Saturday, December 15th details here. The first band to play was Damnatuma Gerti Landmann - Unter Der Roten Laterne Von St. Pauli / Ti-Pi-Tin (Shellac) band from Queens in New York, although apparently some of the members are of Colombian descent. They had a goat skull on stage with a few candles burning.

These guys were ok. They had a couple songs I liked but many that just seemed fairly typical for underground black metal. They played a long time, longer than was necessary, and when they ended at around pm I could tell this was going to be a long night.

The next band to play was Nachzehrer. This Boston based band was a bit more thrashy than any of the other bands that played, but still very black metal.

Their vocalist had a very energetic stage presence and was fun to watch. I use the term moshing very loosely because rather than do the typical mosh pit style of ramming into each other the audience, most of whom had a very low center of gravity, would shove each other as hard as they Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal with both hands, almost Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal each other.

They would ricochet off of each other in the pit and go flying wildly into the audience or the barrier at the front of the stage. Not ideal for shooting photos in but it was pretty fun to watch. The next band to play was Agrath. Regardless, I still thought these guys had the best songs of the night you can see their set list here. Their sound was certainly more professionally put together than the previous two bands and they had more variation in their songs than the headliner did.

This was still raw, underground black metal but you could tell they had worked hard on polishing the songs and executing them live. They were also the first band to wear corpse paint on stage. I really enjoyed their show and the people in the pit seemed to agree with me.

Finally it was time for the headliner, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, to play. They all came out with elaborate corpse paint on and you could tell they were gearing up for a most unholy black metal spectacle. They had giant, black inverted crosses on stage near the drum kit, an ornate chalice full of fake blood, and tons of leather and spikes.

Low lighting and a fog machine helped set the grim mood. She emerged from the fog raising the chalice and holding upside down a Jesus nailed to the cross prop to start the show. The audience immediately went into a frenzy and began pushing each other so hard I felt like I was in a war zone up there Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal to take pictures.

Midway through the first song someone was pushed into the cables so hard it completely ripped out the support pole on the right of the stage, bolts and all. Members of the sound crew quickly moved in to pick the equipment up, push the guy off stage and try to keep anyone else from falling onto the stage, with mixed results. After the first song ended Onielar asked that the audience try to stay away from the stage so they Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal keep playing for them.

Luckily some of Le Temps Des Roses - Jo*, Bobo* - La Plaque A Quatre De Jo, Bobo & Co people in the front row started locking arms and formed a wall for the rest of the show that kept most of the moshers at Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal . Throughout all of this the band members had all been spitting fake blood on themselves and the audience, a ritual that continued for every song of their set.

Their sound was pretty aggressive and cold, as is typical of most black metal of this nature. There were a few that stood out though Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal they seemed to be spaced in good places in the set you can see their set list here.

About midway through their set a few people started trickling in from the Lamb Of God show, which had already ended. As the fog cleared you could see a stage that had been left in ruin and covered Nachzehrer - Various - Torino Black Metal so much fake blood you might have thought an animal had been slaughtered there in some sort of Satanic ritual.

This show was definitely insane and pretty fucking fun to be at. The place was packed and a total success so there should be another one coming up. Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult:. Author: Metal Chris. Comments: 4 Comments. Yep, that's me in some corpse paint. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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    Pressed on black vinyl, housed in a gatefold cover with lyrics printed inside. Includes a double-sided poster. Recorded on four analogue tracks between /5(4).
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    This combination of words alludes to what the nachzehrer is believed to be, i.e. a creature that lives after death, or a being that lives off humans even after its death. Recording information: Recorded at Satanic Metal Temple on four analogue tracks between the vernal equinoxes of 20Anno Sathanas. Identifiers.
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    Dec 13,  · SATANIC WARMASTER - Nachzehrer CD Oh sure he's given us, people who actually like Black Metal, plenty of EPs, split releases and a few best of compilations to keep us busy torturing friends, neighbors and unsuspecting strangers who come to the door. The title of this release, Nachzehrer, fits perfect in the scenario of modern day Black.
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    NACHZEHRER. K likes. frostbitten black filth. MediaFire is a simple to use free service for that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfoers: K.
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    Two different venues had sold out metal shows that night: The Sword at the Rock & Roll Hotel and Lamb Of God at the Fillmore Silver Spring. While I’m sure they both would have been worth reviewing, I found myself at a Latino pool hall in Silver Spring for a tr00 and kvlt black metal .
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    Alltogether, Nachzehrer is a really good black metal album, not any worse than the other releases in the band's discography, moreover songs like One Shining Star might be considered as classics in the genre/5.

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