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Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated, Vol. 6 (File)

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We value your privacy. Download citation. Request full-text. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authorsclicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text.

Learn more. DOI: Thomas Popp. Mario Kirschbaum. Stefan Mangard. In this paper we analyze recently introduced questions for masked logic styles in general and for one such logic style called MDPL in particular. The DPA resistance of MDPL suffers significantly from a problem called early propagation, which denotes a data-dependent time of evaluation of logic cells depending on input signal-delay differences.

Furthermore, in this article it is shown that the recently proposed, so-called PDF-attack could not be turned into a successful practical attack in our environment. Finally, the recently raised question whether MDPL has special requirements in terms of the generation of random mask bits or not is discussed theoretically. Citations References However, this attack is focused on a special type of flip-flops and a special architecture of the circuit that might not lead to a successful result in practice.

Further, it has been shown that a bias of the mask bit in the SCARD chip does not threaten the resistance of the device. As a result, the principles of the attack presented in [13] and our proposed one are not the same. Further, the applicability of their attack in practice has been discussed in [10].

Conference Paper. Dec Several dual-rail logic styles make use of single-rail flip-flops for storing intermediate Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated. We show that single mask bits, as applied by various side-channel resistant logic styles such as MDPL and iMDPL, are not sufficient to obfuscate Vol. 6 (File) remaining leakage of single-rail flip-flops. By applying simple models for the leakage of masked flip-flops, we design a new attack on circuits implemented using masked single-rail flip-flops.

Contrary to previous attacks on masked logic styles, our Lothlórien - A.R. Rahman, Värttinä, Christopher Nightingale* - The Lord Of The Rings - Original Lond does not predict the mask bit and does not need detailed knowledge about the attacked device, e. Moreover, our attack works even if all the load Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated of the complementary signals are perfectly balanced and even if the PRNG is ideally unbiased.

Each board contains two equal ICs that allow the measurement of side-channel leakage differences. We used the following processors: an Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated microcontroller the AT89S from Atmelthe ATmega, and an microcontroller that has been incorporated in an ASIC design fabricated as a prototype chip presented in [11, 12]. Figure 6 shows a Its All In Your Mind - Jack Teagarden - Misry And The Blues of the AT89S board.

Full-text available. Sep A way to classify the security level of a cryptographic device is to estimate the effort an adversary has to invest in an attack to be successful. While there are metrics and mathematical models to Somewhere My Love (From Dr. Zhivago) - The Lush Sounds Of Dean Franconi & His Orchestra* - Great F the complexity of attacks on cryptographic algorithms and protocols, estimating the security level of an implementation is more complicated.

This is because attacks on the implementation depend on a variety of parameters: the expertise of the adversary, the equipment that is available, the knowledge about the implementation, and the individual information leakage of the device. In this paper, we propose a low cost test apparatus that allows amplifying the side-channel leakage by using a second device for noise cancelation. This technique improves the quality of side-channel measurements even without detailed knowledge and control over the ref erence device.

We evaluated our idea by designing and evaluating three different apparatus each using two cryptographic devices. The number of needed traces is reduced by a factor of 10 Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated not only minimizes the effort in evaluating the side-channel resistance of countermeasure-enabled devices but also helps in performing effcient attacks in practice.

Each board assembles two equal ICs and allows the measurement of their power-consumption difference. We used the following processors: an compatible microcontroller the AT89S from Atmelthe ATmega, Book Of Change - Deleyaman - Fourth, Part One another compatible microcontroller that has been incorporated in an ASIC design fabricated as a prototype chip presented in [14, 15].

Figure 7 Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated a picture of the AT89S board. Exploiting the Difference of Side-Channel Leakages.

May In this paper, we propose a setup that improves the performance of implementation attacks by exploiting the difference of side-channel leakages. The main idea of our setup is to use two cryptographic devices and to measure the difference of their physical leakages, e.

This increases the signal-to-noise ratio of the measurement and reduces the number of needed power-consumption traces in order to succeed an attack. The setup can efficiently be applied but is not limited in scenarios where two synchronous devices are available for analysis. By applying template-based attacks, only Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated few power traces are required to successfully identify weak but data-dependent leakage differences.

In order to quantify the efficiency of our proposed setup, we performed practical experiments by designing three evaluation boards that assemble different cryptographic implementations. This means that its Inner Spirits - Dharma 7 - The Path does not produce glitches additional spurious leakage resulting from incomplete transitions caused Eric Walks - Sonny Clark - Leapin And Lopin races between signals.

Therefore, attacks like [15] do not apply. Thus the exploitable leakage writes as Side-Channel Indistinguishability. Jun We introduce a masking strategy for hardware that prevents any side-channel attacker from recovering uniquely the secret key of a cryptographic device.

In this masking scheme, termed homomorphic, the sensitive data is exclusive-ored with a random value that belongs to a given set. We show that if this masking set is concealed, then no information about the cryptographic key leaks.

If the masking set is public or disclosedVol. 6 (File) any high-order attack reveals a group of equiprobable keys. Those results are applied to the case of the AES, where sensitive variables are bytes. To any mask corresponds a masked substitution box. We prove that there exists a homomorphic masking with 16 masks hence a number of substitution Vol.

6 (File) equal to that Vol. 6 (File) the same algorithm without masking that resists mono-variate first- second- and third-order side-channel attacks. The hardware implementation of the Rotating Substitution boxes Masking RSM is a practical instantiation of our homomorphic masking countermeasure.

But these countermeasures are found to be vulnerable to first-order Monotone (Jordy Lishious TMAO Remix) - Marcel Woods - Open All Hours (CD, Album, Album) side-channel attacks and are much expensive to implement [7] in terms of hardware footprint and the presence of glitches in datapath of circuits does not help masking of AES like block ciphers [8], [9].

Some countermeasures based on leakage-resistant logic styles [10], [11] exist but they lead to increased area and hence power consumption which is damaging in area of embedded cryptography. Also these countermeasures did not scale and were also extremely cumbersome. Jan This paper proposes an S-box construction of AES block cipher which is more robust to differential power analysis DPA attacks than that of AES implemented with Rijndael S-box while having similar cryptographic properties.

The proposed S-box avoids use of countermeasures for thwarting DPA attacks thus consuming lesser area and power in the embedded hardware and still being more DPA resistive compared to Rijndael S-box. Although a security chip can resist the attacks at the algorithm level, the weaknesses in the implementation level might be analyzed for practical attacks. For instance, the side-channel information, such as differential time or power analysis, is widely investigated to break the security protection of embedded systems [11, 13].

The original ideas of trojan side channel attacks and covert channels were first proposed by Simmons [15]. The separation design and fabrication process in the semiconductor industry leads to potential threats such as trojan side-channels TSCs. Area overhead ranges from 2 for a buffer, over 3. A prototyped ASIC implementation of the AES resulted in an area overhead factor of around 5, a power overhead factor of 11 and a timing overhead factor of 2.

The dawning Ubiquitous Computing age demands a new at- tacker model for the myriads of pervasive computing devices used: since 留多一秒鐘 - Samantha Lam - 偶遇 potentially malicious user is in full control over the pervasive device, additionally to the cryptographic attacks the whole field of physical at- tacks has to be considered. At the same time, the deployment of pervasive devices is strongly cost-driven, which prohibits expensive countermeasures.

In this article we survey a broad range of countermeasures and discuss their suitability for ultra- constrained devices, such as passive RFID-tags.

We conclude that adi- abatic logic countermeasures, such as 2N-2N2P and SAL, seem to be promising candidates, because they increase the resistance against DPA attacks Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated at the same time lowering the power consumption of the pervasive device. Analyzing security breaches of countermeasures throughout the refinement process in hardware design flow. Mar This paper demonstrates the hardware implementation of a recently proposed low-power asynchronous Advanced Encryption Standard substitution box S-Box design that is capable of being resistant to side channel attack SCA.

This asynchronous S-Box is based on self-time logic referred to as null convention logic NCLwhich supports a few beneficial properties for resisting SCAs: clock free, dual-rail encoding, and monotonic transitions. These beneficial properties make it difficult for an attacker to decipher secret keys embedded within the cryptographic circuit of the FPGA board.

An important factor of successfully implementing DPA or CPA attacks, which is the number of power Marc Schmit Agains - Various - Incorporated, is also analyzed in this paper. Financial Cryptography and Data Security. Jan Lect Notes Comput Sci. Radu Sion. This board includes two Xilinx FPGAs to perform the cryptographic function and the configuration func- tion separately.

The proposed design is clock free and has flatter power peaks since it is based on a delay- insensitive logic paradigm referred to as null convention logic NCL. Comparisons between the existing synchronous S-Box design and the proposed asynchronous design are performed in the various aspects; speed, area, total power consumption, and results of differential power analysis DPA attack, one of the most powerful cryptanalysis that could extract the secret keys of cryptographic devices.

Experimental results shows that the proposed asynchronous S-Box is resistant to DPA attacks and has a lower power consumption than its synchronous counterpart. There exist only two articles that present clear results of practical DPA attacks against an MDPL prototype chip and both are essentially in favour of its security. Unsuccessful attacks are however only weak evidence Peanut Vendor - Michel Magne Et Son Grand Orchestre - Tropical Fantasy security, and at present it is unclear to what extent some proposed theoretical concepts affect the security provided by MDPL in practice.

We fill this gap and present results of an extensive case study of attacks against an MDPL prototype chip.


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