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Intro - Statik - Connected

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Label: Allstarr Records - ASRECCDLP001 • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop • Style: Grime
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Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. You play a test subject whose hands are trapped in different puzzle boxes and are tasked with figuring them out. Statik is short and the puzzles aren't too bad. There is chapter select post game, so just play through the game and enjoy it. You will most likely miss most of the optional trophies but these are easy to clean up.

The walkthrough will spoil the game so use it only if you get stuck or just want trophies and no fun. Played The Demo? I, The Test Subject Smarter Than A Toaster. Stanza Delivered. Test Your Meta. Insecurity Cameras. You Built A Cube. After beating each odd numbered puzzle and each quiz room you are returned the the cube room. Put the pieces together match the flat sides to create a cube piece.

After the first eight puzzles you will have enough pieces to form a cube. Assemble the cube. Thanks For Your Retention. After every 2 puzzles you will be asked whether you feel happy or sad while viewing or listening to stimuli.

You're a Machine! In the 4th puzzle, Directionless, you have to hold down different inputs to match the screens in front before the timer on the center screen runs out. There are 3 phases of this that get Intro - Statik - Connected harder.

Every time you succeed the machine in the middle moves towards you. When you fail it moves away. Complete all three phases without failing more than 2 times. This will take a little practice. Try to memorize the inputs without needing to look down at the box. In the last phase you can see the color without really looking down. Alternatively, you can hold the box high to keep everything in view. It seems harder than it is and you should get it after a handful of tries.

Pointless Behaviour. After the first two puzzles you Intro - Statik - Connected be shown a series of pictures. One of them is of a man thinking about a trophy. Select the happy response. Rude Word. Hidden Secretions. In most puzzles there are hidden clues around the room for alternate decisions in other puzzles. You will see the statik symbol near these clues. Go back to each of Solar Sunset - DJ Essence - Electronic Love levels and use these alternate solutions followed by the happy response.

When you do it correctly you will see a statik symbol appear instead of the happy face and a light will appear for that puzzle on the console in the cube world. If it doesn't work, try again. I also don't think you need to complete the puzzle after but again, I'm not sure.

I completed it and kept going until the cube room to verify the light came on. At the end of the game you will see the statik symbol in the cube room. Select it to start the secret level. Just watch the scene play out for the trophy.

Now scan the correct image for the poster. Look at the right side of the box. R otate each layer until you make the K shape shown here and then press. Purple Black Blue. Now dial 9 2 4. Point the box towards the Intro - Statik - Connected until the Intro - Statik - Connected clears, enter in the color sequence Green, Red, Red, Blue, Green, Black and press. This walkthrough will skip lots of the game and completely ruin the fun.

If you are stuck or just in it for the trophies then go right ahead. You will know they work when the statik symbol appears instead of the happy face and a light will Dotýkat Se Hvězd - Various - Starci A Klarinety on the console in the cube room. They are sometimes buggy and you may need Intruder 3 - Various - Metal Gear Solid Original Game Soundtrack try a couple of times to get them to register.

Lines highlighted in Intro - Statik - Connected are the assorted non-story trophies. Light the remaining lights until all are lit. Turn the box to the right side. Turn the box to the left side. Grab it with. Then move it in position to connect the left and right sides. Look at the front of the box. You can use the shoulder buttons to extend the corners. After every odd numbered box puzzle and quiz you are returned to what I'll refer to as the cube room. There will be a few puzzle pieces here you have to put together.

Just match the flat sides and the place in the glowing area to create the piece. After that, select the next box to continue. When 2 boxes are shown I chose the left option first. Hold to unlatch the sphere and turn the box to change which color you are setting. Then dial 5 4 8. On the left side use the directional pad to set it to Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue. Remove the disc and load the 1st small triangle and 4th bar discs.

Rotate them to One For You, One For Me - Various - Forever Party the 4th image. Close the panel and scan it.

Remove the bar disc and load the 2nd large triangle disc. Rotate them to match the pyramid and moon poster on the wall. Close the panel and scan the poster. Remove the circle disc and add the 1st small triangle and 4th bar discs.

Rotate them to match the 3rd image. This level is a race of sorts. You need Intro - Statik - Connected hold the expected inputs before the timer on the front screen runs out. Each success moves the machine in the middle towards you. Each fail pushes it back. Once it reaches the front you move to the next phase. This will be easier with practice. You will get used to holding the inputs without really needing to see what they correspond to on the box.

I could also see the colored light out of the corner of my eye so I never needed to look down. You can also hold the box up high to help if needed. First Phase - Use the shoulder buttons to light the top lights to match the images and binary shown on the screen. Keep completing the inputs until the next phase starts.

Second Phase - In addition to the shoulder buttons, the directional pad controls the left side based on degrees. Third Phase - This phase adds multiple screens with a colored light on the front of the box telling you which inputs you want.

As before, complete this phase by holding the correct inputs. Sound Intro - Statik - Connected If you already got the trophy for all positive responses, then it doesn't matter how you respond to these.

Enter in the following and then press.


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    Introduction: Statik is one of the best PSVR games I've played and it make excellent use of the dualshock controller in VR. You play a test subject whose hands are trapped in different puzzle boxes and are tasked with figuring them out. Road Map: Statik is short and the puzzles aren't too bad.

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