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Here For You - ZTVN - Success Is The Best Revenge!

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Label: ZD - ZDP 1 • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop • Style: Pop Rock, Synth-pop
Download Here For You - ZTVN - Success Is The Best Revenge!

If there's one important thing to remember when it comes to the general population, it's this: Most people get a kick out of hurting others. It's the most basic human nature and the one characteristic -- above all others -- that distinguishes us from other animals. Animals don't have the egos we have and, therefore, don't have to worry about having them hurt.

People, on the other hand, prove time and time again they enjoy hurting other people, both physically and mentally. While most of us only consider physical harm as damaging, mental harm usually does more permanent damage.

Of course, like all other things mental, how we're affected by the aggression people direct toward us is entirely Part I: Announcement - Paul Horn - Inside The Taj Mahal II to us. We're the ones who get to decide whether or not their words hold any weight or whether they're empty ramblings not directed where they ought to be at themselves.

When people lash out at others, more often than not, it's a result of their own unstable emotional state. It's difficult to admit to ourselves that our situations, our lives and the people we are, are all the result of the decisions we made and how we choose to interpret reality. It's much easier to say the world made us this way than to say we failed.

It's much easier to blame the rest of the world for our mistakes and shortcomings. It's not because we aren't smart enough or wise enough; we fail because the world won't play by our rules. And that's right: The world won't play by your rules. It never will. The world and all the people in it are all trying to force their own realities on everybody else. The smartest of us realize this earlier on and instead of continuing to try and force our reality on the rest of humanity, we learn to adapt.

We learn to take our reality and manipulate it so it can function efficiently within the rules already outlined by both the universe and the human race. Life doesn't need to be the struggle we I Should Have Known Better - The Beatles - The Beatles Collection it out to be. Of course, we sometimes find ourselves in situations where the only way to interpret them is as struggles.

Some people literally have to fight for their lives every single day. If you're reading this, however, you almost certainly aren't one of those individuals. You have it good. Most likely very good. This isn't to say that people aren't doing their best to push you down, to break your will and desire to continue following your dreams, your passions.

No matter how far the human race progresses, we'll always want to hurt others. I can sit here and ramble on about how awful it is that people like to hurt other people. I can write about how life would be so much more pleasant if we would all just get along. Utopia is a beautiful place, one that fairytales are made of. Unfortunately, that's the only place a utopia will ever exist -- in a fantasy.

You can't have perfection when the individuals, the parts and the pieces are flawed. And human beings will forever be flawed; it's part of our nature.

The people of the world will always be at Here For You - ZTVN - Success Is The Best Revenge! with each other in one way or another. You can hope to change the world, but this is one thing you'll never change. Whether or not they hurt you, however, is entirely up to you. When you really think about it, there's no reason to feel hurt by others. Because most people shouldn't matter to you. I have people saying negative things to me all the time, and I literally could not care less.

I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing because it's what I want to do. I recommend you do the same. You don't want to ignore other people, even when they are hateful toward you. It's always best to listen, to hear their perspective.

NANI (What?) - Various - Windpipe Moods or not you believe their words have Für Dich - Bonfire - Freudenfeuer truth to them is a different story. This way you get to understand their realities, the way they see the world, the way they see you. It can give you great insight on how they interpret things Provision - Earthborn Visions - Arpeggios II what they value.

Here For You - ZTVN - Success Is The Best Revenge! all this information and you'll begin to understand the rules everyone else is trying to play by. Then, instead of playing by their rules, you tweak yours in order to work most seamlessly and efficiently between their realities. Most people playing by their own rules end up failing, but only because their rules won't hold in the physical world. Living a happy life is the result of a delicate combination of going with the flow and swimming against the current.

You can't just do one or the other because you won't survive; you'll either get washed away with the rest of the floaters, or you'll tire out and drown. I understand it can be difficult to be disliked. Sometimes you get sick and tired of getting bullied, of getting pushed around, insulted and belittled. You're not alone. Keep this one thing in mind because it could literally change your life: Remember the best way of getting back at people, of sticking it to them, is by living the life of your dreams.

People insult you and push you down because they believe you can't make it. They Here For You - ZTVN - Success Is The Best Revenge! think you're reaching too high, and you're bound to fail. If you really want to knock out their egos, live an incredible life.

Be the successful individual you told them you'd be, the successful individual they laughed at you for thinking you could become. Create the life of your dreams and then watch their faces as they realize how wrong they were.

Watch as the thought hits them: They could have had Ben Arnold - Calico you have if they only spent more time believing in themselves and less time and energy trying to break you. If you let them get to you and you do fail, you do give up and you never change your life, they win.

They were right, and you were wrong. They got to beat you up, spit on you, step all over you and then rub it in your face. Here For You - ZTVN - Success Is The Best Revenge! them you're smarter, wiser and you're better than they are. But don't do it in spite of them -- they don't even deserve a place in your thoughts.

Do it for yourself, and you'll be too busy being happy to pay any attention to them in the first place. By Paul Hudson. Kill them with success and bury them with a smile. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.


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    Voodoozshura 11.11.2019
    Oct 29,  · The LabNificent Media Group Is Always Working!!! Futuremic Has Been On The Grind For Years And Now He Brings His Debut Music Video To You!!! .
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    Brashura 08.11.2019
    Aug 10,  · Success Is the Best Revenge (French: Le succès à tout prix) is a French-British drama film directed by Jerzy Skolimowski. It was entered into the Cannes Film Festival.
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    Shakazuru 12.11.2019
    The best revenge is to simply focus on your own success. Don’t assholes deter you from your true purpose in life, because believe me when I tell you that you can have your cake and eat it to. You can be successful AND get your revenge, and you can do it at the same time just don’t get .
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    Mulkis 11.11.2019
    May 29,  · Your success is always the best revenge you can take against your enemies! Be so successful, that you make the people that left you feel like coming back. Don’t ever focus on .
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    Vikree 07.11.2019
    Success can be the best revenge because you realize that positivity trumps negativity every single day of the week. In any moment, you realize that it pays to be positive rather than negative, because that’s what helps to carry you through the tough times that we all tend to experience.
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    Nigis 09.11.2019
    Dec 16,  · ADVICE: 5 Reasons why success is the best revenge. Don’t get mad. Don’t yell. Don’t do something stupid. Instead, focus all that energy on doing one thing – becoming successful. Because for us here at ESM, the best revenge is not served cold. The best revenge is to be more successful than you could have ever imagined.
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    Daijinn 08.11.2019
    Mar 12,  · The second way to look at it is the train of thought of "I never failed before, I don’t know what that means yet and I'm going to continue to drive myself on the goal I was here for." So you.

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