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Crazy Muscles - Stretch Magnifico* - The Lesser Of Two Weevils

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Label: Messy Records - MSSY-4603 • Format: CD EP • Genre: Rock, Reggae • Style: Ska, Punk
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Aubrey asks his friend to choose Freeway - Various - Pacific Jazz II Collection one of two weevils inhabiting his piece of bread sailors in the service regularly had to eat weevil-infested bread.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are weevils. But it is no use pretending the stark choice is not there. Jared C. Wilson makes essentially the same case on his blog at The Gospel Coalition. Paired with several conversations I have had with friends about the election, I cannot understand the case that they make or Crazy Muscles - Stretch Magnifico* - The Lesser Of Two Weevils I ought to respect it. These writers seem unaware that we do not live in Imperial Rome, and that the admonition to not bow to idols in the Old and New Testaments was quite literal.

We actually have the good fortune to have been born into one of the only nations on earth that does not ask that of Crazy Muscles - Stretch Magnifico* - The Lesser Of Two Weevils in our civic engagement at least not yet.

So a good part of our decision to vote should be in favor of preserving our system of government, not just endorsing the will of one or another candidate. Of course that system is imperfect and sometimes in need of revision, hence the amendments applied by our elected representatives from time to time.

Pointing to the imperfections of our system is a favorite hobby of Christians, castigating allegiance to it as idolatry. But our political system does not need to be perfect to be better than Million Lonesome Woman - Brownie McGhee - Blues Archive - The Story Of The Blues - Chapter 14 alternatives.

That is most surely is, certainly today and perhaps throughout history. American politics is not a religion, nor is patriotism a faith. Pledging allegiance to the Flag is not, at bottom, a pledge to any man or woman, but an agreement to uphold the system of ordered liberty that is the political structure of the country.

This is no doubt true. Clinton is a criminal and an oligarch, but she is at least capable of being shamed. She may not respect the Constitutional limits on her authority, but she is still vulnerable to them.

She may masquerade as someone who has retained her dignity, but she at least must put up the facade. She is personally vicious to her enemies and friends alike, but she pretends badly that she is nice, constrained by politeness and social norms. He wears his viciousness on his shirtsleeve and admits of no abstract rule of law to inspire his respect.

But we must also take stock of the system of government is because it is the condition on which issues can be contended for. What of voting for a third party candidate? This can also be an honorable way to cast a vote. But of course the important thing to note is that third party candidates have a very outside chance of winning.

In normal circumstances, when we can be reasonably confident that the republic El Hombre Latino - Pochy Familia y Su Cocoband* - 16 Explosive Dance Hits survive the administration of both major candidates, then voting third party would not be a problem.

If a third party candidacy seems to be successfully contributing to his loss, then I will happily jump on the bandwagon. If I am right, then this is a profoundly dangerous impulse that ought to be resisted. The second thing is that evangelicals seem to think that voting in a presidential election is the beginning and end of our civic engagement. Local municipalities, school boards, local ordinances ought to command our attention more than who is going to Washington.

It is true that our present cultural climate does not respect local politics much, but if we accept and understand our rights and responsibilities as American citizens then we darned well ought to. Maybe write them a letter about something you care about. Is a vote to keep power diffuse a vote from principle? I think it ought to be the first principle of our civic life. Anything else risks pandering to Caesar.

That is why I hope we as a nation can rediscover it. Until then I will cast my vote for the person who I think will preserve it the longest and not feel a bit of guilt. As always, this article is thought provoking and well-written. But there are two parts of your argument that I wonder about. First, does the preservation of the system rest upon electing one of the two main candidates, or simply Crazy Muscles - Stretch Magnifico* - The Lesser Of Two Weevils act of voting?

By engaging in the system, we ensure its continuance, and we are voting for a person that we believe will further its continuance by refraining from activities that destroy it. But surely, if you believe as many evangelicals do, that both candidates are ill-suited to maintain the system, then voting for either is a potential corrosion of it. If we sever the two arguments the act of voting as preservation, from the candidate as maintainer-in-chiefa person could take the principled position of preserving the system through the act of voting either for a third party, or just not voting for a president while still engaging in the democratic process.

This would seem to me particularly the first option to actually strengthen the democratic system by challenging the supremacy of the two-party system, which has often forced us to make these pragmatic decisions.

But also, I think we do need to consider the moral implications of our endorsement. Throughout your article, you seem to treat the act of not voting for a Presidential candidate as potentially self-aggrandizing at the worst, and naive at best.

It certainly can be and there is little doubt that many people do not treat the moral implications of their vote with any degree of seriousness. Even if you are a one-issue voter, it may be that the ethical imperative present in that issue say, the taking of a life overrides the ethical imperatives present in other issues for you.

The ability for a President to erode that ethical imperative, and if the past years have shown us anything, it is the frightening ease with which the President is able to drive legislative action becomes a strong enough reason to not give that person your personal endorsement.

If you know someone is going to do something that violates your deepest held beliefs in your Tonight Lets Dance - Elefant - Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, there is a case to be made for withholding your support.

We certainly agree that Evangelicals need to be more, much more, discerning when it comes to their role in strengthening our democracy. Interesting argument. Now, I am new to this site and have not read any of your previous wring about Donald Trump so this may sound naive.

But, there is also the question of which candidate actually loves our country enough to sacrifice big to help her. Even if he is unappealing to you, it can be said that Trump has left his jet set lifestyle and spent a lot of his own fortune to come to the aid of his country, as he sees it.

With respect to the upholding of the Constitution, I argue against your idea that Clinton would do more. Clinton, on the other hand, has been toiling Crazy Muscles - Stretch Magnifico* - The Lesser Of Two Weevils within the corrosive world of politics, climbing madly for that top slot. Now, stay with me, during the run up to Affordable Care Act vote, many in town halls tried to get their Senator or Rep to see that it was contrary to the Constitution.

Famously, Pelosi laughed at someone asking her where the mandate to purchase insurance was to be found in the Constitution. I would argue that these public slip ups actually reflect the intellectual miasma that currently exists in the world in which Mrs Clinton has been immersed for her entire political life. Jaded and hurt and entitled, Clinton probably thinks of the Constitution infrequently.

As we know, the Second Amendment draws her scorn. But, oddly, she once talked this way:. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a feminist tone on Thursday. Also, I would argue that her Supreme Court choices are sure to be Constitution shredding leftists. Clinton represents a muscular continuation of the extra-Constitutional current administration and there is every reason to believe that she is eager to a end to the Oval Office where she too can use her pen and her phone to circumvent the Constitution as well as the will of American people.

It is said that only days after the, shocking to many, Romney defeat, Trump went out and obtained copy write protection to his campaign slogan. Do we see here the consummate business man? But, in my opinion, we also see an everyday American who felt such overwhelming disappointment in those results, Crazy Muscles - Stretch Magnifico* - The Lesser Of Two Weevils so many did, that he decided that he would step forward, love him or hate him, and try to help right the ship of state.

But I wanted to try to counter your conclusion without too much drama. Click here to cancel reply.


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    Two boll weevils grew up in South Carolina. One went to Hollywood and became a famous actor. The other stayed behind in the cotton fields and never amounted to much. The second one, naturally, became known as the lesser of two weevils.
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    Aubrey asks his friend to choose between one of two weevils inhabiting his piece of bread (sailors in the service regularly had to eat weevil-infested bread.) Maturin chooses the larger one, and Aubrey puns “But sir, in the service, one must always choose the lesser of two weevils!” Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are weevils.
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    Two boll weevils grew up in South Carolina. One went to Hollywood and became a famous actor. The other stayed behind in the cotton fields and never amounted to much. The second, naturally, became known as the lesser of two weevils.
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    - The Lesser of Two Weevils - gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfo Music.
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    "Lesser Of Two Evils" joke Two Boll Weevils grew up in South Carolina, one went to Hollywood and became a famous actor while the other stayed behind in the cotton fields and never amounted to much. The second one, naturally, became known as the "lesser of two weevils.".
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    Oct 13,  · While some weevils like the boll weevil have more notoriety, this little rascal is not necessarily the lesser of two weevils. Black vine weevil is a serious pest of ornamental plants worldwide. It eats more than species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants, .

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