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Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier - 20th April 2011, Indicine Klpac

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Label: Live Actions - 010 • Format: CDr Album, Limited Edition • Country: Malaysia • Genre: Electronic, Jazz • Style: Experimental, Free Improvisation
Download Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier - 20th April 2011, Indicine Klpac

Vital Weekly, the webcast: Die Alte Mühle - DKasermandln - Klaus Und Ferdl, Wurzenmax, Hippacher Trio - Beim Wurzenmax offering a weekly webcast, freely to download. This can be regarded as the audio-supplement to Vital Weekly.

Presented as a radioprogramm with excerpts of just some of the CDs no vinyl or MP3 reviewed. It will remain on the site Indicine Klpac a limited period most likely weeks. Download the file to your MP3 player and enjoy!

That was an early manifestation of what could be slow starting revival of ambient house, and this new one continues that course, even though Scott says its a quite a bit different than the previous work. I must say I don't hear that. There are a bit of electro-acoustic elements here and there, a bit apartlike crackling, processed sea waves, but the smooth rhythms play an important role still, and does the digital synthesizer and the likewise digital piano.

Through hearing this music, 'smooth' is a word that keeps popping up in my mind when listening to this music. There is no dirty angle here, just atmospheric music that occasionally hovers closely to the world of new age, but I guess its the electro-acoustic bits that save the day. It still sounds very much like mid nineties ambient music combined with the dance rhythms and a touch of experimentalism.

Like before the reference to Silent Records is never far away, or early compilations like 'Artificial Intelligence' but its still, all the time following the previous release by Neu Gestalt, a rare thing. The revival not really happened yet, which makes this still something of an odd ball release, but its a nice odd ball indeed.

His record with Zerang and Baker was improvisation optima forma. Erb tenor sax and bass clarinet. Rosaly is new to me. He is operating in the Chicago scene since working with his own ensembles Cicada Music and Green and Gold, as well as a member in numerous others groups and projects. It contains four Indicine Klpac of Erb, defining plenty of opportunities for improvisation.

Inspired and intelligent stuff! For this recording they work with Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier - 20th April 2011 vocalists: Max Usata and Momo.

All three core members did Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier - 20th April 2011 jazz studies in Switzerland. And what they have in common is that they are very open for crossing borders. These guys are about to brew some interesting new stuff Indicine Klpac you.

But this one is not ready. Some ingredient is missing in my perception. But promising and interesting it is. Rhythm-based, uncomfortable beats, open soundscapes and textures, with voices improvising,or rapping over it.

Sometimes interrupted by loud sax-improvisations. Minimalistic and stripped down patterns are the result of their approach. One feels their sense for experiment and search for new unheard combinations and contrasts. Halfway synth and sax take over for a wild and noisy improvisation.

Being the second release of the duo that hides behind this name Myelin. It is Heddy Boubaker coming from Toulouse were he started many years ago playing electric guitar in rock and punk bands. Gradually he was driven to improvised music and alto and bass saxophone becoming his mean instruments.

In he made another change, and started playing analog modular synth and electric bass. Birgit Ulher is aHamburg based trumpeter. It is in Hamburg where they recorded this new release during a studio session in july We hear Boubaker on saxophone plus objectsand Ulher on trumpet, radio, mutes, speaker and objects.

It results in Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier - 20th April 2011 of those typical releases where it is hard to identity who is doing what and how. In a way this is a great help for me. Because listening and experiencing music is for me also about forgetting the musicians who play it and the instruments they use, and to have a meeting solely with the music. In the case of Myelin this are very well-proportioned sound improvisations. Never a dull moment with these improvisations based on concrete sounds, generated by extended techniques rattling, burbling, hissing etc.

The radical approach of these autodidacts is absolutely satisfying Unsere Marine - United States Marine Band*, Colonel John R.

Bourgeois* - Sound Off! artistically successful. It is far beyond jazz. In a way one can compare it with nonverbal Dadaistic soundpoetry. Very musical and communicative. To the point and concentrated. Birgit Ulher solo can be heard on 'Hochdruckzone', where she plays trumpet, radio, speaker and objects. The eight pieces were recorded in in Brussels.

Here we find Ulher in quite harsh mood - her playing is loud, and seems to stay away from the more mellow playing. The pieces seem to be linked to each other and generally consist of Ulher blowing down the tube really loud in combination with some amplification.

Yet of course, this is not a noise release of any kind. Its quite an intelligent play of sounds, blocks of sound really, played with a high level of concentration for the duration of the each piece. Much more a work of electro-acoustic music than of improvisation, I'd say. Pietro Riparbelli did visit a sanctuary, Sanctuary of La Verna on top of a mountain in Tuscany, where Saint Francis of Assisi supposed to have gotten his stigmata and recorded life over there during three days. Here he has six pieces, three Pay The Coyote - Gonzalez - Torero them I believe are pure field recordings and three are compositions he created out of these basic sounds.

Not that is easy to tell the difference, certainly if you don't play close attention to when the track ends and moves to the next. For Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier - 20th April 2011 busy western man, non believer at that, perhaps the closest I can get to monstary life, I guess. Riparbelli captured the sounds and the atmospheres of the sanctuary pretty well - the overall idea of this release is 'silence' without being silent. The large empty spaces with a minimum of sound information, the garden and rain in it, the vaguely humming of what could be the church organ, its all there.

Music that slowly unfolds and that could invoke a religious experience government health warning not included here. In the 'Third Day' piece we have the most musical experience, with crackles and what seems to be some sort of stringed instrument, but for all I know it could be the repeated sound of the bucket in the well to get water.

A very contemplative release altogether. Excellent soundscaping. In the UK when the Good Friday agreement was reached quite a few, myself included, thought, great no more bombs, no more need for MI5… then from nowhere Islamic fundamentalism appeared…odd? Very odd?

The cover just like a whole bunch of thank-you's and a list of instruments: analog electronics, sk1, monotron, shruti box, gongs, tibetan bowls, bells, pedals, fx, processing, pitch pipe. No doubt he is the kind of man who wants the music to speak for itself, which is of course the thing to do, but a nightmare for a reviewer. I think this is a pretty interesting CD which combines a number of interests in a Indicine Klpac way: its a bit noise like, but never loud or harsh.

Its atmospheric but not in the strictest drone context and its rather musically electronic than static. This music seems to be moving all the time, back and forth.

I think some of these instruments are used to make a steady background sound, while others are played over the top.

It sounds rather like a live record than a finely composed album of various layers. Six tracks, spanning just over thirty five minutes, all of which seem to me the right length for such a work and which leaves the listener behind with an unsatisfied feel: more, more!

Or perhaps this is right as it is? Six fine pieces of loudly Same Mistakes - Sara Watkins - Sara Watkins music or mildly noise based - whatever you prefer I guess is fine.

This is certainly a name to watch out for! Garcia sometimes works under his own name and sometimes as Xedh, and I am never sure when one comes into play and when the other.

Maybe there is no separation? Here he works with one Carlos Suarez, of whom I think I never heard. He is from Galicia in Spain and works inside the field of electro-acoustic music. If I am well informed the pieces here were recorded through live improvisation in the studio which was then edited by Garcia. Garcia is at his best, at least for me, when he too works with electro-acoustic music, and stays away from overtly noise based excursions which he Indicine Klpac also does.

Here he does stay away and together with Suarez he created five excellent pieces of electro-acoustic music which suggest lots of space between the cracks, sometimes artificially enhanced by the use of reverb. There is computer processing, analogue knob turning, field recordings of water and metallic rumble, looped and toyed around with. The overall mood of the pieces is more ambient and atmospheric than is perhaps usually the case with this kind of electro-acoustic sounds.

More ambient than microsound I would say. Garcia has reconstructed the live recordings accordingly and without losing the aspect of a live recording, these five pieces are very good, well done and reshaped into the form of compositions, with heads and tails and fine structure. This is the Garcia I like and this CD is a fine addition to his rapidly expanding discography. Since the beginning inLarvae has released a number of albums on German label Ad Noiseam. Present album is the fourth full-length album from Larvae and the first, since the album "Loss leader" Vagabond Ma Religion - Sans Pression - Vagabond Ma Religion in Present album titled "Exit strategy" is an instrumental work with much focus on emotional expressions.

Once again, Larvae balances cleverly between various genres, with overall expressions that can roughly be described as a crossover between post-rock and IDM. Musically the main part of the album remains downbeat and introvert with the expression based In Your Room - Bangles - Greatest hits acoustic music instruments stylishly connected to the post rock-scene.

Other parts of the album circulate in pure electronic sound spheres with elements of a nocturnal IDM-based electronica. A pleasant album that will satisfy a wide span of listeners! The album is an interesting beast, thanks to the diverse expressions saturating throughout the 80 minutes runtime.

Main structure of the album is the two vocals of the works.


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    Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier - 20th April , Indicine Klpac ‎ (CDr, Album, Ltd) Live Actions.
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    Thierry Le Luron - Vol. 4 En Direct Des "Variétés" download mp3. Audio. Yong Yand Sen, Abdul Aziz, Thierry Monnier - 20th April , Indicine Klpac mp3 album. Yong Yand Sen, Abdul Aziz, Thierry Monnier - 20th April , Indicine Klpac download mp3. Electronic, Jazz. Thierry De Mey - Peter Vermeersch - Rosas Danst Rosas mp3 album.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CDr release of 20th April , Indicine Klpac on Discogs. Label: Live Actions - • Format: CDr Album, Limited Edition • Country: Malaysia • Genre: Electronic, Jazz • Style: Experimental, Free Improvisation Yong Yand Sen* / Abdul Aziz* / Thierry Monnier ‎– 20th April 4/4(1).
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