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From Mars To Gaia - 2A - Hologram (File)

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Label: Apoapsis Records - APRDT01 • Format: 12x, File FLAC • Country: Greece • Genre: Electronic • Style: New Age, Downtempo
Download From Mars To Gaia - 2A - Hologram (File)

He reports that he spent 20 years as a Marine in the U. His tour of duty took him first to an elaborate, secret, fully-equipped base on the moon. From Mars To Gaia - 2A - Hologram (File), he went to Mars where he spent 17 years at a military base.

After a major loss of human lives during a battle between the military forces and native people of Mars, he was deployed back to the moon where he spent his final three years as a military pilot. He tells his story with vivid and captivating detail. Cramer recalls that during his childhood, he would be taken from his bed at night. Even though he would be gone for days or even weeks, he would be returned to his bed and travel back in time to when he was taken.

He would wake up as though no time had passed, feeling like he had just had a really, really long dream. When he turned 17 inCramer was involuntarily recruited to be part of the Mars Defense Force MDFwhose purpose was to protect five civilian settlements already in existence on Mars.

Into The. - Arwen - Illusions program was not sponsored by any government or governmental agency, but by an international group comprised of the United States, Germany, Russia and China.

Even though these countries were not getting along very well on Earth, unbeknownst to the public, they secretly joined together to work on the SSP and formed the MDF. Cramer became a captain in the U. Marine Corps in this program and was given Top Secret clearance — a necessary requirement for those participating in the MDF. When Cramer left Earth, his first stop was a base on the moon that he believed had been established around or This is where he signed his enlistment papers and committed to spending 20 years of service on Mars with a special elite unit of the Marine Corps.

In addition, the Mars Defense Force aimed to research the viability of establishing a human civilization in space should a cataclysm occur on Earth. Cramer was sent to the main settlement of Aries Prime, which was also the first Earth settlement on Mars.

The settlement was comprised of the same types of people and organized in the same way as the original colonies were settled in America.

People with all types of skills, ranging from scientists to farm workers, live in this colony. One of the most remarkable things that Cramer and other members of the SSP who have visited Mars say about the planet is that the air is breathable. His station was in the far north of Mars and he says that the atmosphere is similar to the Antarctic, which From Mars To Gaia - 2A - Hologram (File) why he wore a face protector. Taking the protector off in the biting cold was uncomfortable, but it could be done Harpoons - Chemical Brothers* - We Are The Night / Push The Button he could breathe the air.

There are two main indigenous, intelligent species on Mars: Reptilian and Insectoid. As long as their nests and hives were not disturbed, there was no problem.

They seemed more interested in maintaining their territory rather than fighting. Even so, there were frequent skirmishes. The humans and Martian natives became weary of fighting and actually signed a treaty agreeing to peace. The treaty had From Mars To Gaia - 2A - Hologram (File) major parts to it. From Mars To Gaia - 2A - Hologram (File), the humans would not invade the sacred places of the indigenous people.

The second part of the treaty required the humans to work together with the Reptoids and Insectoids to fight an From Mars To Gaia - 2A - Hologram (File) species of Reptoids know as the Draconians.

The Draconians were vicious and evil, but the joint venture was successful and the Draconians withdrew. Cramer gets emotional when he talks about the last battle he participated in before leaving Mars. For some reason that he was never able to understand, he was orderedas part of a thousand-man force, to go into one of the sacred tunnels of the Reptoids to capture an artifact. This was in direct violation of the treaty. The men went through the From Mars To Gaia - 2A - Hologram (File) tunnels and came to a large dome, about the size of the superdome or astrodome.

They lost all communication with headquarters when suddenly, doors all around the edge of the arena opened and out charged the Reptoids, swinging large bladed weapons. While he was recovering from his wounds, his superior officer met with him and offered him a pilot position.

That sounded great to Cramer; he spent his last three years in the SSP Plappermäulchen - Willi Boskovsky, Wiener Philharmoniker - Strauss-Concert Met Willi Boskovsky a pilot on the moon. It is even more astonishing that similar stories are told by at least six other men who say they served in the SSP on the moon and on Mars at different times.

Although their stories are all similar, they did not serve together and did not know about each other until they began revealing their experiences.

The space travelers all recall different travel methods, but all report experiencing some type of teleportation through a portal. This allowed them to travel quickly to these off-planet locations. They communicated with the indigenous Martians through telepathy.

All whistleblowers who tell their stories report the breathability of the Mars air. He has been telling it since and will continue his quest to convince people that there is a secret space program with civilizations established on the moon, Mars and perhaps other planets and solar systems. Login Sign Up. Gaia Staff. December 13, What Was the Purpose of Troops on Mars? There were three primary purposes for sending secret military-like troops to Mars: To establish an extraterrestrial defense for Earth To claim Mars as a U.

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    Apostolos Angelis CD Release entitled HOLOGRAM - 3D Fractals Animation (NEW) The first song on the CD is entitled Mars to Gaia. I adapted the color palette from NASA photos of the planet Mars, and brought them into my software, and created a red, cratered planet representing Mars, and eventually transitioned into a blue planet, representing.
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    Oct 15,  · Hologram. Apostolos Angelis October 15, Pop ℗ Apoapsis Records Ltd. Add to Wishlist. FREE TRIAL. $ Listen to this album and millions more. First month free. Songs. 1 From Mars to Gaia: Via Google Play Music app on Android v4+, iOS v7+, or by exporting MP3 files to your computer and playing on any MP3 compatible music.
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    Oct 31,  · Gaia releases new videos every week What knowledge lies in our ancient past? A team of renowned scholars has come together to go beyond the surface-level .
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    Aug 12,  · From Mars to Gaia; Artist Apostolos Angelis Album Hologram; Licensed to YouTube by Rebeat Digital GmbH (on behalf of Apoapsis Records) NASA's Unexplained Files (Full Episode) - .
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    Feb 22,  · "A trick of light and shadows" – that’s what NASA has called what are potentially the most significant ancient ruins ever discovered. What appeared to be a.
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