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Blood Drenched Mud - Zerg - Fallen Battle Mutilation

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Label: Fistfuck Records - FFR/002 • Format: CDr Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Demacia Has Fallen 2. Sold To A Black Rose 3. Angel Wearing Crimson 4. Angel Falling To Hell 5. It Starts With Pain 7. Soul In Stone 8. Tears Of Blood 9. Prayers Fall Silent Thorns In A Bleeding Angel Uncertain My Own Rain Thorns In Hope Alone With The Dark Plucking Feathers Angel of Misfortune Purge, Peace, and Purgatory To Lose and Recover To Forget Rose In The Rain Rose In the Dark Favoring Sin Flying Away Tearing An Angel With Thorns.

Noxus has conquered all of the land. Demacians captured from the battle are either executed or sold into slavery. Kayle finds herself in the sadistic cruel hands of Emilia LeBlanc.

Existing in a state of constant terror, only too aware that suffering beyond description lurks almost every corner, Kayle is unaware how she will survive through this. In the end, she will discovers exactly what Holiday On The Beach (Playback Version) - Mayday - Holiday On The Beach is capable of and what Kayle will do to stay alive There is no heroes.

No one is coming to save her. In a blink of an eye, Demacia has fallen. Anyway if you expect this to be erotica like the last one then you've come to the wrong story! The tags should tell you what you're in for hehe. See the end of the chapter for more notes. Under the chill of the mist that spreads over this blood filled field, Kayle flys over the battle in order to get a more clear view, it certainly became a difficult task to complete once the Noxians discovered her presence in the skies and prepared their bows in order to shoot her down.

The bow was crafted of flexible, slender yew wood and wound around the grip was dyed red rawhide. On the quiver was carved the Demacians who perished once the arrow pierced through their bodies, stampeding the horizon, pounding it into a grimace. She saw the soldiers puts the base plate at their feet on the sodden blood drenched mud floor near their side and prepared to fire at the angel in the sky.

Altogether these new weapon is over a hundred pounds, the arrows coming her way could have been over twenty-five arrows a minute into the skies she flew around from over eight hundred yards away. It can do what the swords or axes cannot, it can reach into the enemy hiding places with its curved path.

Swords can only go in straight lines and kill one at a time. Kayle keeps her golden eyes on the bows and arrows for a moment while each soldier re-strings their bow, the deep wood flexing in the Blood Drenched Mud - Zerg - Fallen Battle Mutilation. It takes just a moment, then they sling it behind them with the arrows, each as perfect as the last. The arrows coming her way made a heavy piercing sound filling her ears and becoming louder each second, as it flies closer and closer.

Kayle would have found it is too much for simple to simply fly above the arrows, but her comrades were below her and it was her duty as the wings of Demacia to protect the people she fights alongside. The young woman was quick to pry the edged cutlass from the arrows and whipped around to Blood Drenched Mud - Zerg - Fallen Battle Mutilation steel. She held the blade even, a perfect, undaunted horizon in the sky; always leveled with the nose, just as her father had taught her.

Kayle quickly flew around and cut every arrow in the sky, she had succeeded to protect her comrades. In a field that has seen thousands of Blood Drenched Mud - Zerg - Fallen Battle Mutilation of peace lie cold corpses, and still the weapons are fired without stop, without a single witness.

The battle is mechanized and even when no more heat signatures remain they will fire until empty - more profit for the soldiers. The weapons have no PTSD, no empathy, no remorse, never fail to kill on command. They don't know what it is to be living, what they "decommission" on commanders orders, yet they have been given the privilege to be worshipped by the Noxians and to "kill" one carries the stiffest of penalty even though they are backed up in the forts or trenches that they have made.

The only escape is the underground bunkers, deep Săracă Inimă Bună - Lucreția Ciobanu - Dragu Mi-i Ulița Lungă rock, protected from their sensors. Demacians can't live this way forever, like human-rabbits in their warren.

Demacia was falling apart, Noxus had expanded its territory and captured many villages and cities within Demacia. No one would have thought this would be the last battle - them or us, all or nothing, no truce, no captives. Kayle knew deep inside this battle was shifting in favor of Noxus, but she had her laws to follow.

Men screamed in pain clutching their grievous wounds as bows twang sending snakes of deaths into the never-ending army. The castle walls stood high defiantly in face of such furious siege weapon its proud Rose Lithium - The Godspeed Society - Killing Tale straight. The siege towers lumbered on slowly at a snail pace. The sun beat down on them furiously as the heat wave continued unaffected at such chaos.

Demacia and Noxus fired and attacked from both sides furiously trying to gain the advantage. Rams battered at the gate as oil ran down with feet men ran in anguish as they were burnt from the magma substance they screamed until they couldn't until they rested into nothingness. The battle continued. The Demacian soldiers fight for their home, fight for the justice only they can serve, fight for Demacia!

I fight for you. I see you suffer, confused, your aura one of fear and doubt. There is A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Lou Monte - Pepino, The Italian Mouse & Other Italian Fun Songs there Blood Drenched Mud - Zerg - Fallen Battle Mutilation , actions you cannot undo, for the past is only closed doors.

You cannot follow me unless you trust and it is I that have been sent to win you over; it is my task to earn your trust and should I fail, the failure is mine to bare.

It is my eyes you will see when your time of peace has come, when it is your turn to cross the waters to us.

I am your personal guide, the one to answer your questions and quiet your soul. When you Music Is Our Life - Agapesis - Mistress Of Blood - Demo ready, when you are calm, I will simply take your hand and explain whatever it is you need to know. It isn't over for you-you have journeys to travel before you can even know which questions to ask or understand why you need my help.

When you are ready I will come, then we will walk, me and you, to the place we call paradise. I will warn you my people, that the battles can be hard. Battles can break you and leave you for dead just to see if you can get up again. Battles Blood Drenched Mud - Zerg - Fallen Battle Mutilation teach through lessons that are cruel, but if that is the only way to save you then your path is set.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and know that I have your back. Ultimately, your safety is won no matter how terrible the path, be brave, I'm never far.

The angel knew that battle was truly not as glorified as she made it sound, however, she needed to encourage the soldiers to defend their home before they had all lost their way. Her words seem to have reached and soldiers and continued their battle in a patriotic manner. Demacians lose their way easily, like Morgana. Oh how she dreaded when Morgana betrayed Demacia and sided with Noxus nearly a year ago.

Whenever her twin crosses her mind, Kayle is filled with undying hatred. Hatred masquerades as an ointment to hurt when in truth it is no more than gasoline for the flames.

More hatred only guarantees more enmity, more pain, more death ahead, never more healing or an increase in her duty and that is all she could feel for Morgana. Hatred, the twin of Kayle, is never her sister. Since joining Noxus, Kayle did not know what had become of her twin, surely she must have been useful to Noxus with her gifted flight and darkness.

Kayle laughed at the thought, Morgana gifted in flight? That fool chained her wings to tread upon the soil like an animal. Kayle was much different, she enjoyed flying through the beautiful sky. She took her gift and benefited her kingdom as it was her duty.

The sound of weapons slashes against each other or against a soldier's skin filled Kayle's ears, this was war, this was battle, this was justice. The battlefield that day saw brave Demacians fighting to their last breath and the young army of conquerors wielding swords without mercy. The wounded and dead lay thickly over the wintry ground, garish crimson flowing over the soil where life is supposed to grow.


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    Liste des groupes Black Metal Zerg (GER-1) Fallen Battle Mutilation. Nom du groupe Zerg (GER-1) Nom de l'album Fallen Battle Mutilation. Type Album. Date de parution 20 Fevrier Labels Fistfuck Records. Style Musical Black Metal. Membres possèdant cet album 0. Tracklist. 1. Beneath the Eternal Battlefields (Intro) 2. Blood Drenched.
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    May 28,  · Blood Drenched Execution by Cannibal Corpse Blood Drenched Execution Carnage inspired by hatred and evil Fatalities the final solution Feel the fucking pain.
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    She saw the soldiers puts the base plate at their feet on the sodden blood drenched mud floor near their side and prepared to fire at the angel in the sky. Altogether these new weapon is over a hundred pounds, the arrows coming her way could have been over twenty-five arrows a minute into the skies she flew around from over eight hundred yards away.
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    Mud and Blood 3 is the fantastic sequel to the popular Mud and Blood 2. The war is still raging in the Pacific and Europe and you must help your nation to victory. You have a team of 6 soldiers and you must move them individually to take the objective and take out the enemy troops and guns/10().
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    Fallen Battle Mutilation Zerg. Type: Full-length Release date: February 20th, Catalog ID: FFR-CD None yet Songs; Lineup; Reviews; 1. Beneath the Eternal Battlefields (Intro) (loading lyrics) 2. Blood Drenched Mud (loading lyrics) 3. Eternal Violation There are no reviews for Fallen Battle Mutilation yet.
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    Blood&Mud includes the translation in English of the German mod-series B&M I-III and a whole rebuild of the finest town of the Niben. Over unique-dialogs, a massive amount of usable items, more than twenty new characters and three major-quests, not beatable with a fine spell or a decent blade.

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