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Waste The Homosexual Organism - Utopie / Mindflair - Voll Die Seusche Live 98

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Label: Not On Label - none • Format: Cassette • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Grindcore
Download Waste The Homosexual Organism - Utopie / Mindflair - Voll Die Seusche Live 98

During a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday, when asked about his position on whether Take Me Away - Various - Veronica Presents Summer Mix Sensation 96 (The Ultimate Dance Collection) soldiers deserved recognition, Poroshenko said it is worth considering giving the veterans legal status as combatants in World War II.

Only in the repetitive narrative of Bolshevik propaganda. I guess that explains why Bandera was detained in a Nazi concentration camp for nearly three years and then murdered by the muscovite KGB in He was a Ukrainian nationalist who fought to rid Ukraine of German and muscovite fascists. Your logic denotes RT propaganda. Open a book once in awhile. I think this has more to do with the parliamentary elections than anything.

With the anniversary in 2 weeks or so, this gets ahead of the crowd who will be pandering for western Ukrainian votes. By getting ahead of يا دنيا - الشاب ربحي* = El-Shab Rabhi* - دندنى and putting this on the table, he takes away a major voting appeal for either of these two and gives it to his Bloc.

These snap elections will be very emotional, with guys like Lyashko getting votes simply based on loud statements and supporting the troops. This is an old vote grabbing card, just like Yushchenko used. And just like that, honoring UPA vets is a reality on the ground and supported by many.

Call it what you choose, pandering, politics or election tactics. I would rather hear it from a conservative direction than a radical one because it gives it far more legitimacy than bluster. This is a time for hope and idealism and recognizing the heroes of days gone by serves to inspire even the pessimist.

More important, they remind us that nothing Waste The Homosexual Organism - Utopie / Mindflair - Voll Die Seusche Live 98 kill the spirit that we inherited from those who fought, bled and died in the name of freedom. In fact, this war may be what brings both the UPA and Red Army veteran sides together against a common enemy and finally allow for national reconciliation. I am Polish. I truly love Ukraine and I really believe there is no free Poland without free Ukraine.

Instead of taking a nice summer vacation, I have spent the last couple of months sitting at my computer and fighting in the information war, while wondering if I was not a coward cheating himself from just going and taking part to the true war somewhere in the Donbas. But I am not that young any more and I have a family. I was always answering Waste The Homosexual Organism - Utopie / Mindflair - Voll Die Seusche Live 98 on the contrary, we have to support Ukraine as strongly as possible, and mutual reconciliation would come.

I have been invited to contribute to this page some time ago and was happy to help. However, this publication is one too far. I quit. There are limits to compromise. I can support Ukraine, but not to the point of betraying the memory of my own people that have been ruthlessly slaughtered in the ethnic cleansing in Volyn and Galicia — including my own relatives.

Waste The Homosexual Organism - Utopie / Mindflair - Voll Die Seusche Live 98 would be more than happy to read this thread. He has been trying very hard to revive hatred between Ukrainians and Polish. Who suggested President Poroshenko to say that just right know, as Poland was beginning to get very serious about providing weapons to Ukraine? Much the same could be said of Polish insurgents who killed Ukrainians- if you look backj historically Ukrainians were overwhelmingly victims rather than perpetrators.

I am sorry but get over it. WhilePolish civilians were killed, 41, Ukrainians were killed by Poles in equal fashion. When Ukrainians venerate the UPA, they do it for a decade of fighting Russia and fighting for freedom.

No Mat, there is no period here. The false numbers you cite are a silly attempt of equalizing crimes of unequal magnitude. You can be a patriot and still acknowledge that in the name of your country crimes were committed. Especially if we are talking about unimaginably brutal slaughters that was committed by the UPA in Volyn who killed mostly women and children.

Make an effort, be honest, read some decent literature even if it will be painful for you. Poles did much more to face their own skeletons in their closets, even including the infamous but childishly mild comparing to the UPA slaughters Action Vistula. It seems that many Ukrainians still have this sad homework to do.

False numbers? Poles in Kholm slaughtered mostly women and children as well, as was the case in many other villages that were razed in punitive actions whereby Poles collaborated with Nazis and Soviets. Three things to keep in mind when mentioning Polish crimes against Ukrainians at that time. First, The Poles began to retaliate against the Ukrainians in order to avoid a complete annihilation.

What were you thinking, we were just going to sit and wait to be slaughtered like lambs? We Mr.

Blister Is Connected To My Fingers - Various - Audio Sponge 1 way too long anyway. Secondly, Waste The Homosexual Organism - Utopie / Mindflair - Voll Die Seusche Live 98 number of murdered Poles vastly outnumbers the number of murdered Ukrainians.

Finally Operation Vistula was carried out not by the Polish sovereign state but by the soviet-controlled and soviet-imposed communist government. I just really hope, that Ukrainians will one day understand that those heroes mass slaughtered innocent children and women.

They have as little honour as Donbas merconary and russian chechens. Yes they are: 1. AK fought through entire war against both Germans and Soviets. Only a fraction of AK was involved into retaliation genocide guess who started all this messwhile all UPA carried genocide 3. AK had a special department dedicated solely to hunt people involved in deenouncing the jews.

UPA was helping nazis. UPA attacked only polish, while leaving safe russians. Attacked only on pre-wwII polish lands. Poland aknowledge genocides of ukanians and apologized. Polish kids learn about it in schools. And Ukraine is still in denial. So did the UPA 2. It was started by Poles, technically, but this is a chicken and egg argument and the answer is useless. King Of The Road - Ray Conniff - Souvenir Album 82 Poles collaborated with the Nazis, however, and in revenge to Ukrainians joined the Nazis.

UPA did not attack only Polish, but also Ukrainians and anyone else who opposed them — it was highly political, less ethnic in overall scope.

Both sides acknowledged and made amends, how is Ukraine in denial? Why not honour SS Galizien as well? Sure, they collaborated with Nazis and killed Love Me Entertainment - Steve Knight - Orphan Child population, but so did UPA.

However, the difference here is that the UPA fought for independent Ukraine, and the SSG, while fighting Communism, did not and fought for another state altogether, which is the easiest answer why they arent Ukrainian veterans. Waffen grenadier division der SS [gal. The members of Galicia Division were individually screened for security purposes before admission to Canada.

Charges of war crimes of Galicia Division have never been substantiated, either in when they were first preferred, or in when they were renewed, or before this Commission. Further, in the absence of evidence of participation or knowledge of specific war crimes, mere membership in the Galicia Division is insufficient to justify prosecution.

The statement of Nuremberg court is international law, therefore it is much more important. Please explain this one. Third, do you realize who replaced the Ukrainians who left to fight the Nazis? And Poles most certainly assisted in massacring thousands with the Nazis. All proven, sad history.

Yes, that was indeed mass murder but not genocide — which has a very specific definition. The Polish government in exile openly promoted an independent Ukraine…in areas where there were no Poles, which ended up legitimizing the action. Again, horrible, regrettable, but this is how it happened. Considering Poles were doing much of the same, would you call it a genocide by Poles as well? Poles were massacring Ukrainian villages as early asbefore the UPA started their end of this.

They also did it under the belief that Poles were Nazi collaborators, killing Ukrainians as the Nazis were doing this. Again, deadly, vicious cycle, provoked by Russians and Germans to get both Drive My Car - Nasty Facts - Drive My Car to wipe each other out.

They are an easy scapegoat for others to blame, too. Various - Crazed Fans MP3 Vol. 1, you just showed your hand as a conspiracist rather than someone who wants to engage in honest historical debate. Ukrainians lived under immense hardships and repressions under Polish rule in this time. History is tricky. Ukrainians in the Red Army killed many Ukrainians as well, and yet they get a parade every year.

The point is to move past the killing and unite, not focus on who killed who or how many times. Another example of moving past the killing and embracing the good otherwise, you go insane and never get past the conflict, bilaterally, and internally.

They are your sincere and honest supporters, just as I am. But it happens that we share an extremely complicated history. I hope our historians will one day sit down with primary documents and write a common version of it. Actually I think that the history is making an awful joke of Ukrainians now. Numerous and powerful minorities vs. In that times you were the victims, now you are claimed to be the oppressors. We cannot let the old animosities dominate our relations.


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    Utopie - Intro (loading lyrics) 2. Utopie - Long Erection (loading lyrics) 3. Utopie - Waste the Homosexual Organism (loading lyrics) 4. Utopie - He Put His Erected Phallus in Her Anal Canal and Said: "Hey Mom, This Time I Trust You 'Cause I Don't Want to See Your Shit on My Cock!".
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    Article by: Mat Babiak President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that now is a good time to address the question concerning the status of the wartime Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) & Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). During a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday, when asked about his position on whether UPA soldiers deserved recognition, Poroshenko .
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