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Dying Divinity - Incantation - Decimate Christendom

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Label: Olympic Recordings - OLY 0241-2 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Since the early 90s, Incantation has been a force to reckon with in death metal. Even until now, the band has never stopped putting out quality releases that are consistent as they are enjoyable. This release marks band leader John McEntee's vocal debut, as well as their best album of this decade. Incantation fans should know exactly what to expect with this record.

Quick and powerful drums, twisted death metal riffs, crushingly gloomy doom sections This album delivers on every department. The album opens up with it's title track, and pretty much sums the album up. Following that is a face ripper of a song, "Dying Divinity". This song is really Dying Divinity - Incantation - Decimate Christendom to get into, as it has a really good arrangement and proves to be catchy and evil all at once.

One will notice here that Kyle Severn's drums were recorded and produced very well, sounding natural and clean.

His drum performance really shines through and shows that he never misses a beat. Also, in this song is a pretty cool solo. It's short Dying Divinity - Incantation - Decimate Christendom not flashy, but just Dying Divinity - Incantation - Decimate Christendom so appropriate.

McEntee may not be the most virtuoso guitarist out there, but he definitely knows how to phrase well. Joe Lombard's bass playing also shines through here. You can hear the bass pulsating through each song, and it just sounds like the guy knows what he's doing. He keeps rhythm well along with the drums, giving John McEntee's evil riffs all the more backbone.

A lot of these riffs are pretty twisting, ranging from quick pull offs to trem picking to all out doom heaviness. One will find there are quite a lot of good doom sections scattered through out the record which really act as a great counterpoint, and they seem very logical within the song structures. I should mention at this point that the song "Merciless Tyranny" is one of the most ripping songs on the album, also proving to be a favourite along with the previously mentioned track.

Severn pulls of some incredible snare rolls followed with bass-cymbal fills. This song by far has the most impressive drum performance, not to mention the riffs are probably the most ripping. You'll appreciate how tight they are after listening to this track. The second half of the album seems to have a bit more slow parts, Helpless - Wishbone Ash - Live Dates Volume Two proves to be just as great to listen too just listen to "Horns of Eradication", that song has some really crushing parts.

Incantation will hopefully stick around for a long time because I can never imagine them releasing a bad album. This album is a refreshing treat in a world plagued with bad modern death metal. Don't hesitate to hear this release, it really has a lot of staying power. These guys deserve it, Incantation is back and better than before.

After the much disappointing previous album, Blasphemy, I sadly somewhat lost faith in Incantation. After all, most great Dying Divinity - Incantation - Decimate Christendom eventually take the path of lameness Slayer, Celtic Frost, Venom Hell, even bands like Immolation and Dissection are starting to lose their touch. But this Incantation album has renewed my faith in this legendary death metal act.

First off, John McEntee is an absolutely killer vocalist. His style is very similar to all other Incantation vocalists, hoarse growls spewing forth damnation. Obviously, he didn't want to change the sound of the band. What can you expect from MOX - Los Mox!

- Japiagüer: Canciones De Borrachos album? You know the drill, it's fucking Incantation. Antichristian death metal with blasting drums, twisting tremelo picked melodies and riffs, and of course, those slow-as-hell doom metal moments. No, it isn't anything ground breaking. No, it isn't anything new. But it is a great, solid release from a band that refuses to quit.

While other death metal acts change their Rondo: Allegro vivace – Presto - Schubert*, The Florestan Trio - Piano Trio In B Flat, D898 or become more concerned about playing as technical as possible, Incantation plays dark, twisted, evil death metal with the spirit of the ancient gods of metal.

They continue to stick true to their style and their music, not for fame, fortune, or fitting in Fuck trends, Incantation is back, and they are not comprimising anything Dying Divinity - Incantation - Decimate Christendom anyone!! There was a period, Easier - Katrina Leskanich - Turn The Tide in the early nineties when Incantation ruled.

Subsequent releases were just as gut wrenching in their heaviosity, yet for some reason, the impact Incantation once had was deadened.

The constant exposure to something that was once ground breaking had become the norm. Less dangerous if you like. As a result, only the die-hard Dying Divinity - Incantation - Decimate Christendom metal fan found solace in their music.

There is no doubt Incantation is a death metal institution. Their standing in the scene cannot be questioned. But things have changed. As far as pushing the boundaries of DM in the new millennium, well that exercise has been passed on to acts like Vehemence and Necrophagist among others. Incantation on the other hand, could care less about invention or progression in DM, instead relying on their own brand and style to get them through. For fans of the band, there can really be no complaints — Incantation give you exactly what you would expect.

And therein lies the problem. Incantation is no more than a solid DM act in Their style is so predictable now that their impact is severely lessened. It just exists as a harmless background wall of noise. Furthermore, the fact that this album is also their first since the departure of former vocalist Mike Saez makes this album something of a rebirth for the band. It is something the band would be keen to seize upon as proof of their willingness to continue in the face of adversity.

Fifteen years of existence as a band cannot be taken lightly. Fifteen years playing brutal death metal is even more impressive — the boys obviously love what they do. Only true brutal DM fans need apply for this. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login.

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    Recording information: Recorded at Mars Recording Studio in Cleveland, OH, USA. Engineered and mixed in March & April Produced by Bill Korecky & Incantation.
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    The constant exposure to something that was once ground breaking had become the norm. Less dangerous if you like. As a result, only the die-hard death metal fan found solace in their music. Not surprisingly, ‘Decimate Christendom’ suffers from the same fate. There is no doubt Incantation is a death metal institution.
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    Decimate Christendom by Incantation, released 10 February 1. Incantation - 01 Decimate Christendom 2. Incantation - 02 Dying Divinity 3. Incantation - 03 Oath of Armageddon 4. Incantation - 04 Blaspheme the Sacraments 5. Incantation - 05 Merciless Tyranny 6. Incantation - 06 Horns of Eradication 7. Incantation - 07 Unholy Empowerment of Righteous Deprivation 8.
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    There are 2 bands with the artist name Incantation. 1) A death metal band formed in New York City by formed by John McEntee and Paul Ledney in They are one of the leaders in the New York death metal scene along with fellow bands Suffocation and Immolation, even though the band is currently located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
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