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Worm Food - Various - Metalblade Sampler 2005 (All The Tunes Your Mom Wont Let You Listen To)

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Label: Metal Blade Records - UMCF-05455-2 • Format: CD Sampler, Promo • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Stoner Rock, Hardcore, Death Metal, Heavy Metal
Download Worm Food - Various - Metalblade Sampler 2005 (All The Tunes Your Mom Wont Let You Listen To)

February Edition: Time-change be damned, spring never seems 'real' till' April swings on bye. I rode the living shit outta' Apex this winter, squeezed every bit of powder I Worm Food - Various - Metalblade Sampler 2005 (All The Tunes Your Mom Wont Let You Listen To) out of the old mountain - it was all good and I've no regrets!

MP3 courtesy of SubPop Records. Hint: SubPop isn't known for leaving the free downloads up and in place for too long - if you dig this track do give it a few listensthen download and save it locally now. Now, I can't say I'm a big fan of a lot of their work, I've always been extremely selective about metal; but I offer that their Metal On Metal LP was one of the benchmarks of heavy metal back in the day - and still stands as such.

If you're a 'closet metal-head', give a listen to 's ' Mothra ' on YouTube for an ear-full of what I'm talking' about here. Sure, its classic shitty quality 'YouTube', but crank it nonetheless - then buy the CD or LP today - its a mind-blower - the whole freakin' album rocks that hard!

Where the hell did The Street. Give me a sized break! This fellow missed his calling - he should have been a politician We really need to strongly encourage non-governmental organizations, marketing watch-dog groups as well as federal and provincial governments to step-up and implementation intelligent, science-based standards on the industry's marketing practices.

Last week I suggested that we contact British Columbia's Competition Bureau - a good start - but we also need to contact similar bureaus across Canada, urging them to address the insane fiasco that we are currently enveloped in. Please contact them via the email address within that link Ares - Tad Morose - Revenant request that they look into audiophile voodoo products.

An article from Marketplace or MythBusters is a stepping-stone in the right direction, generating media attention and momentum towards a binding federal marketing legislation. I've previously spoken with Canada's Nation Research Council and they've informed me that after looking into 'special-cables', they've chosen to employ common twin-lead 'lamp-cord' for their loudspeaker evaluations.

I would dearly love to witness the eventual implementation of a federal "Integrity In Marketing" framework, based in part on input from the NRC in cooperation with Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. I suggest that such a design wouldn't appear overnight, but its certainly the rough outlines of a goal which is attainable in the long run.

PS: did you know Worm Food - Various - Metalblade Sampler 2005 (All The Tunes Your Mom Wont Let You Listen To) there's a MythBusters Forum? Check it out and be sure to mention the crap that so many are attempting to shove down throats in the audiophile arena! How about a little gizmo that acts as a portable DVD player one minute, and doubles as a digital picture-frame the next?

LG's new DP is just the ticket! This taste of white-boy-soul is brought to you care of the band and SXSW. Check out the man and his band on their website. This so moved me that I've contacted several Canadian marketing watchdog groups, including the Competition Bureau Of Canada and inquired about shady marketing practices here in Canada.

Its been less than 24 hours since I contacted them - will let you know their response. In the mean time, I thought I'd provide easy access to their contact website in order that you may also voice your anger over idiotic audiofool marketing practices here in Canada. Its only a matter of time before the utterly out of control lying that is soiling out hobby gets quashed; I suggest we hasten its inevitable arrival Their article ' The Little Cable that Can ' provides a brief overview on the topic.

I employ CAT5e in the shop for the smaller speakers in my office hi-fi system as well ,and swear by it as a cost-effective solution. The stuff is extremely flexible, easy to hide and stunningly cheap; under a hundred bucks for a Nimi On Tuoppi - Tuoppi - Epäsosiaalinentaparunkkari EP foot spool!

Check out your local electrical-industrial supply house for a box today!. Read and view all about it. Spend some time with their free, online documentary Bush's War. Note .Og Spjuta Fauk - Perished - Kark you can run the videos full-screen on most decently-powered PCs. Get out there and enjoy the spring weather, come home and pour a drink, then crank up a little bit O' Mark Mallman - Death Wish.

Tell me this doesn't just flash ya' back to mid's classic rock! More info' on Mark can be gleaned on his website. MP3 compliments of M. I don't know what it is that I dig so much on this track, perhaps its the nostalgia, or maybe its the mix of rock and roll and piano I just received an email from Tiger-Direct.

I've dealt with T. The details of which are laid out on this site. PS: check out SourceForge for a massive collection of open-source software - its a great repository of O. Well, I've been playing hokey from everything work and Pizzicato Piano - Eric Siday - The Ultra Sonic Perception related as the snow has been falling from the sky by the megaton in the mountains!

What a shame that they are closing so early this year as conditions couldn't be better. At any rate, nuff' about me being a slack-ass ski-bum, lets kick off the now shortened workweek with a slab of Ian Moore - House Up On The Hill.

I first came to love Ian's music when I heard his amazing track Muddy Jesus years back. Those who wish to learn how depth and acoustic perception is accomplished can forget about shoving wooden cutting boards under their CD players and amplifiers, swapping cables and wall-plugs as well as any number of idiotic 'tweaks'. Also, check out their many other clinics being offered across Canada. As with most things from NetFirms - this means "we have no idea what's wrong, it'll just start working miraculously out of the blue one day soon Its simple; play one clip, then the other - which is closer to "high-fidelity"?

No matter how many times I contemplate the scenario, it Worm Food - Various - Metalblade Sampler 2005 (All The Tunes Your Mom Wont Let You Listen To) amazes me! Another great thing about this little audition is that folks are actually out there, putting up online auditions! I think its admirable and to be applauded! One of the simple lessons that went pretty completely unnoticed with my recent RCA and power-cable auditions of lossless. File B' auditions in this day and age - and yet, even after thousands upon thousands of readers answered my original posts on multiple discussion forums; none - not one goddamned person - bothered to proceed through the steps required to build their own insanely simplesub-hour process themselves!

I'll sign off with a track from Monahans - I run to you. That puts it 'down there' with some pretty miserable titles. The acting is 'great'; aside from the fact that all of the characters that you'll recognize, act in exactly the same manner as every other show you've ever seen them in.

The script itself must have been created on a major cocaine binge; many conceptual threads begin, only to be dropped and never again resumed. The gore I can deal with, I've seen much worse outta' Hollywood from any number of flicks.

And the ending In fact, if you are sadistically inclined enough to even rent it, then for Pete's sake, eject the movie at the half-way point and take it back, because you're gonna' freaking hate the remainder of the flick. I'll try not to hold back what I thought of it; its fucking shit! No, sorry: "its complete fucking shit! And what a G7 it was; their competitors, the Vernon Vipers, ice quite a battalion of excellent players and they threw everything but the proverbial kitchen-sink at the Vees in this deciding game - which we luckily won.

More info' about Black Mountain can be had here. The site is a little slow at the moment, very BETA, but I look forward to good things from them in the future. They are offering a number of plansand your end-price will basically depend on which you enroll in. Seeing as most of you reading this site are likely to be audio-geeks, you might find the subject worth a lookI did.

Enter the Creative Labs 'Zen Stone'. Like so may other 'floating-cloud' music discovery sites, Musicovery brings you a mind-numbing array of bands, but they've added the additional capability of breaking searches into 'mood', 'era' and 'Genres'. The audio-quality isn't exactly top-notch, but the way in which it leads off one track and onto another is pretty cool!

Check it out. This is one that'll scare your mamma folks: SlugMag has an interesting review of the LP its taken from, I quote:. I was a decent person. This is the sort of album that has the capacity to turn any good Christian into an unadulterated axe murderer.

The album is blues-tinged, southern rooted, stripped down, no-nonsense hard rock at its best. It Kald Jord - Drephjard - Sorgsvart Metallica look like a bunch of pussies and your average speed metal gods look like pretentious poseurs.

If you are familiar with REO Speedealer or Billyclub, the alma mater of the members of Mitrayou may begin to know what you are getting yourself into. The rhythm section, provided by Mark Her and Harden Harrison both ex Speedealerruns like a never faltering, well greased machine gun.

This album proceeds Money - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon so much as a moment for the listener to breath. Each track progresses from the previous relentlessly.

I Just Dont Stop (DJ Coone Mix) - Various - The Oh! Addicted 2 Bass Megamix be the first to admit that I am a pansy, but listening to this album is certainly an exercise in stamina, and a much-recommended one at that".

Have a great short-workweek folks, live it up to the max! Oh, hey; while we're on the subject of heaviness - if you're of the metal persuasion, do your overtaxed brain a favour and get yourself a copy of Tool's Aenima LP - specifically the title track - which should definitely go down as one of the Top 10 best metal tunes ever written!

This one takes a few listens, but its one of those tracks that really grows on ya', its definitely one of my current rotation faves'. More information on the man can be found on his www site. I could blabber on and on, repeating what the promoters have in store for us, or I could just point you to information on the Canada.

Afterwards, visit the Pemberton Festival Homepage for further details. High-definition, wide-screen visuals compliments of onboard Blu-Ray, Dual gigabyte drives, Direct-X 10, the full compliment of Dolby surround-sound modes and 5.

I see my next PC folks I know a whopper when I see oneand this my friends, must rate as a Burger King special! I was reading a forum the other day, the discussion was regarding power-cables see blurb belowand one chap asked an open question: "where can Worm Food - Various - Metalblade Sampler 2005 (All The Tunes Your Mom Wont Let You Listen To) read technical reasons why power cables might make a difference in an audio reproduction chain"?

Some deluded bugger answers him by pointing the fellow to a commercial site run by the Van Den Hul company. As far as I knew, VDH was involved in record stylus design and implementation.

Apparently the management clued into the fact that cables had a far greater potential for revenue generation than the stylus market. As such, they've rolled out a collection of cables that put the much-maligned Monster Cable Corporation to shame.


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