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Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds

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Download Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds

If the day-long battle and hundreds of men that fought it stupefy you, figuring out the much greater amounts of time and individuals it took to get those men there will really send your jaw to the floor. Any modern armed force in Real Life must receive a steady supply of fuel, ammunition Bad Company - No Smoke Without A Fire other provisions in order to be able to operate.

There are countless examples of armies being fatally weakened Veräußerung - Vlimmer - IIIIII / IIIIIII even dissolving completely due to insufficient supplies. In some Everyone - Tony May - Timeless of combat, such as air-to-air, ammo and fuel supplies can even set an absolute hard limit on how long an engagement can go on; combat airplanes, for instance, may well expend all their munitions in a single pass.

Therefore securing supply lines is a vital part of any military operation. In games with a military theme, save the most serious wargames and grand strategy games, this aspect is usually dealt with in the background without the player having to worry unduly about it. Sometimes, however, this aspect is portrayed in an egregiously unrealistic fashion, with the forces depicted being mostly or entirely liberated from logistical constraints. Airplanes Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds normally be the exception, Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds anything is, as chances are they'll be restrained by their fuel capacity or their ammo; once one of such is depleted, they usually have to return to a nearby landing strip or, if the military is advanced enough, provided Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds in-flight mid-air refueling, which then means they have to have additional bases capable of providing for tanker planes along the way.

This is for both stylistic and balance reasons: it would be overpowered to have an infinite bombing run, and the aircraft carriers have to do something.

One of the most egregious examples, when you think about it, are the repair units. These little buggers can fix a heavy tank from near disintegrated state in a matter of seconds with any needed spare parts being pulled out of hammerspace otherwise the unit would be carrying an entire tank in spare parts around without making the repair crew actually get out, or even immobilizing the repaired unit for a short time. The latter part includes repairing an attack helicopter hovering over the repair unit.

These guys are hardcore. Shoot them first. In its milder form this a kind of acceptable break from realitybut it is often abused to make fantastic scenarios take place in ostensibly realistic settings. However, at least some of the listed aversions prove that a "deficit management" game is not only inherent in any logistics model worthy of being named so, Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds can also Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds interesting challenges in itself.

A subtrope is Automaton Horseswhich addresses the ease of keeping horses fed, Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds and healthy in fiction. Another major component of Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds trope is a Global Currencybecause it eliminates the need to calculate exchange rates and manage additional kinds of resources based off that. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. Anime and Manga. This is normally averted in Attack on Titanwhich is the primary reason retaking Wall Maria would take decades: Getting a couple dozen scouts to the breach would be easy enough, but getting the construction materials necessary to repair the breach requires supply lines that the titans would constantly harry.

This is also one of the reasons that Eren is so important. If he can figure out how to patch the hole using his titan-shifting ability, like how the Walls were built in the first placethey could retake Wall Maria in days. Subverted or Averted at multiple points in the Macross franchise: Any Zentraedi fleet has many planetoid-sized Factory Satellites to keep it supplied, so they should play it straight.

The problem is, the Protoculturefearing their slave soldiers would one day rebel, willingly weakened the Zentraedi by denying them the technical know-how necessary to maintain and repair their ships or reverse-engineer existing designs. Additionally, at least the fleet appearing in Super Dimension Fortress Macross is shown to have only a limited supply of Glaug officer pods due to their Satellite for that one getting destroyed too.

The New UN Spacy stealing any Factory Satellite they stumble upon including those of the Zentraedi fleet they defeated in the original series isn't helping the situation of independent Zentraedi fleets either, though those who have allied with humanity have benefited from the latter's technical know-how.

This gets solved when a mining consortium with interests in the Brisingr Cluster hire them to retake itbut even then they have to wait until the supplies show up. A key plot point of Arpeggio of Blue Steel is that even though humanity has weapons that can fight the Fleet of Fog, they are in highly limited supply. A major part of the story is bringing the plans for the first human-producible anti-Fog weapon from the nation that designed it to a nation with the industrial capacity to produce enough of them that they can equip a fleet with them.

Deconstructed in Legend of Galactic Heroes where, in a broad analog to Operation Barbarossa listed in Real Life belowambitious members of the Free Planets Alliance military propose a grand "liberation" of planets in Imperial space, which the political leadership signs off on because a decisive victory will help them score points in the upcoming elections.

When more sensible members of the senior officer corps point out that the Alliance doesn't have the resources to support such a campaign and that their supply lines will be overstretched and vulnerable, the planners naively assert that they'll be able to requisition whatever supplies they need from the planets they conquer.

Unfortunately, by this time the Empire's war effort is being directed by genius strategist Reinhard von Lohengrammwho uses a scorched-earth policy and raids against those very unguarded supply lines to cripple the Alliance's space navy.

While the war continues for almost three years more, the enormous losses in the merchant fleet and combat elements the latter caused in no small part by the fleet being undersupplied suffered in this this campaign prove decisive for the ultimate Imperial victory.

Robotech is one long aversion: the advanced technology that gives the name to the series is powered by Protoculture, a very specific fuel made from the Invid Flower of Life being processed through the Protoculture Matrix And the only remaining supply of Flower of Life was on a ship that crashed on Earth, and the fight for that source is the entire reason for the first two arcs.

The motif remains present in the New Generation saga, as while the Robotech Expeditionary Force has managed to set up its own plantations of Flower of Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds and has a Matrix and the Invid have control of Earth now teeming with the Flower and have the knowledge to mass-produce the Protoculture Matrix, Scott's group is a small resistance cell stranded on Invid-controlled Earth and is often short on Protoculture supplies for their vehicles and weapons.

The trope returns on large scale in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles : when the SDF-3 Pioneer disappeared it was carrying the REF Protoculture Matrix and the one guy who knew how to make more, and while the Invid are not hostile anymore-and in fact they now have a common enemy with the REF-they have disappeared to parts unknown. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : The reason orc armies are so dangerous is because Orc Lords have the special Starvation ability, which not only gives them a Cannibalism Superpower that lets them absorb the abilities of those they eat, but also means that so long as the Orc Lord eats, no one in his army can starve to death.

Characters point out that this is why asized Orc army can keep going without any supply lines. The downside is that they still feel hungry, turning them into a mindless horde that will devour anything in its path.

Averted with Rimiru; much of the story is about him securing supplies for his people, and he solves a lot of problems just by introducing basic plumbing. Storage Magic a Bag of Holding spell is so valuable that many adventuring parties, merchant groups, and militaries are willing to pay good money to keep mages who know just that spell; being able to reliably produce significant amounts of potable water with magic is also highly prized; and any kill contracts requires the adventurers to extract relatively easy-to-transport proof from the corpses, such as ears or tails, and compensation is affected by how difficult it would be to get there and back, Im A Concrete Wall - The Makers - Rock Star God also the deterioration and mishaps that may occur.

Board Games. Board game Campaign For North Africa is a massive aversion. A full game takes 10 players some hours to play, and the majority of it is record-keeping. The entire North African theatre, for three years, with individual pilots, unit ammunition counts and water supplies, and the like being tracked to minute detail.

It's so detailed that Italian units use more water than any other nation, because they cook pasta. Averted in the Classic BattleTech board game. Ballistic weapons and missile launchers require literally tons of ammunition, and supplies play a major part in any game that Tumbling Dice - The Rolling Stones - Love You Live beyond individual battles.

A factor which was actually invoked by all sides during the Clan invasion. The Clans resorted to Energy Weapon use because their logistics train designed only for the Clans Duel to the Death style combat couldn't cope with the Inner Sphere's grueling wars of attritionand the Inner Sphere used Energy Weapons for operation behind enemy lines, specifically to hunt down Clan supplies.

Also averted by Comstar, whose logistics were already good enough to supply HPV Defender units all across the Inner Sphere, and managed the logistical nightmare of supplying dozens of army groups in the Battle for Tukayyid.

When the opposing generals discuss the battle after the fact, it is pointed out that the Precentor Martial of Comstar won the battle almost entirely because he understood logistics in a way the Clans did not. The very few Clan forces that brought enough supplies tended to win their individual contests. Averted in An Entry with a Bang! GDI forces ran low on supplies after the battle to take Port Krin. Also, one of the key meta-arguments in having GDI go for a standardized equipment loadout is to ease supply lines.

Travels Through Azeroth and Outland spends some time describing just how all these far-flung settlements often in very inhospitable environments get the supplies that they need. Averted in Order in Chaos : supplying the fleets with fuel, spare parts, new fighters and ships and even personnel is a primary concern for both sides, and one of the main Centauri advantages against their enemies is that their fleets not only need less supplies as the Orieni make use of waves of ramming dronesdevastating but a logistical nightmarebut they have enough factories and cargo ships to constantly resupply the fleets fighting on the Orieni front and still Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds a force strong enough to crush the Drazi on the other side of the Republic, with Orieni strategy being centered around the need to change this situation.

The fact Centauri space is far richer in Quantiumtranslating in their ships having a higher percentage of jump drives thus making them less reliant on the jump gates and of higher quality to boot, made things even worse for the Orieni.

Regularly averted in Lord of Misrule's Babylon 5 fanfics: In The Dilgar Warthe main obstacle to the Dilgar effort in the first phase of the war is the continuous extension of their supply lines, an obstacle made worse when the Drazi got the drop on half their cargo ships and destroyed them. Things get much worse with Earth Alliance's entry in the war and their concentrated effort to demolish the Dilgar merchant fleet, and by the time of the battle of Balos the last chance for the Dilgar to stop EarthForce and the League before they can reach the Dilgar homeworld the Dilgar fleet assembled there has no fuel to move somewhere else.

On the other hand, the main trouble for EarthForce is the need to bring their supplies to the front all the way from Earth Alliance space, and while they're better at defending them they get in trouble during the Balos campaign when the Dilgar manage to destroy the main stockpile near the front. In The Last Starthis is the main problem for the Minbari: they are winning decisively against Earth, but EarthForce has savaged their merchant fleet and their Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds production is inadequate, and they're dangerously coming close to the point they'll Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds to stop for months and let EarthForce regroup right when warships that can actually pose a threat to the superior Minbari ships are starting being produced.

In A Cherry Blossom Factory I - Various - Koji Tano (2005 - ∞) - A Tribute ChanceEarth Alliance Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds acquires the technology to target the Minbari ships, leading to the above scenario much faster.

Later turned back against Earth Alliance when Branmer manage to keep most of Earth's main force from chasing his fleet attacking Earth itself when he destroys their fuel stockpiles after tricking them into using most of their onboard Some People - Cliff Richard - From A Distance ***** The Event in a running battle.

This is also the reason Branmer is attacking Earth: due their relative youth as a spacefaring nation, more than half of Earth Alliance's industrial production is still based on Earth itself with most of the rest placed on Mars and Proxima, and the loss of those industries would cripple the Alliance.

When the Trans-Galactic Republic first arrives at the Citadel, the trope seems to be in play as it tends to be in Star Warsbut as battles wear on the newcomers are shown to run short on hypermatter fuel, limiting their ability to participate in combat.

This I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy is the reason for merging hyperdrives with Element Zero. In the sequel, specific types of Unobtanium that power Trans-Galactic Republic ships are noted to be in short supply, limiting the ability of anybody to reproduce said ships and their powerful weapons. This gets partially sorted, but the replacements are Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds to be weaker due to lack of the "real" Phlebotinum used at home.

Averted in The Swarm of War. Averted in Prince Iroh. After the Fire Nation's catastrophic defeat at Fuel Reload - Hardy Küster - Analog Worlds Myojin, Gan chides Nikon for not realizing that an army is made up not only of men, but also the resources they need to wage war, which includes the cost of their equipment and ability to replace it should it ever be lost in battle.

In a later chapter, Chieng points out that should Mequon ever be lost, the Fire Nation's ability to supply its oversea armies would be lost. Averted for A Feddie Story has logistical problems surface in one form or another repeatedly. The Federation vehicles start to run out of ammunition in Iowa, and several vehicles break down at various points in the journey and have to be abandoned.

By the time they reach Minneapolis supplies of ammunition are being airlifted to them from Winnipeg, without which they would have been useless during the Battle of Saint Paul. Zeon units by then are suffering a similar issue, as their own supply lines have been cut; one of the reasons they withdraw from Saint Paul is a belief they don't have enough ammunition left to fight a pitched battle.

Basic fuel and food are rarely concerns, but the reason for this is actually valid: North America is populated enough that it's not hard to find gasoline or a convenience store when regular supply isn't available. Averted often in A Cold Calculus. To give a few examples: Just after the Shinjuku incident, Ohgi's resistance cell runs low on supplies for everything to the point where they're unable to handle any major operations for a good while. Also, while Kallen loses her Glasgow and manages to steal a Pureblood's Sutherland, that actually makes things more difficult for them as they're unable to find an energy filler for it without drawing attention to themselves.

During the Refrain arc, we see Inoue and Kallen do a supply run. Inoue works at Keio Hospital, which lacks personnel, power and Lawrence Welk - If You Were The Only Girl In The World due to being essentially a charity-funded operation in the ghettos.

Part of Euphie's hearts-and-minds campaign has them send aid to there and like places while also reaching out to the Sumeragi House to get a start on uplifting the conditions, basic and economic, of the Japanese people. The author has also reduced the omnipresence Knightmare Frames had in canon due to the logistics needed to field and lose them in such numbers as we see in the show.

This means that infantry, armor and jet fighters have beefed up roles. Also, no Knight Police. Some of the background information points out that one of the key advantages that Britannia has in the war against the EU is that Britannia is one nation, so all their units are standardized to use the same gear.

The Clown - Korn - Original Album Classics Union is a coalition of twenty or so nations, each of which has their own military supplied by their own contractors, which complicates their logistics considerably.

One simple example provided is that the Western, Central and Eastern European nations each standardized on a different caliber of ammunition for their rifles, which means that they have to keep track of which units need which types of clips if they don't want them to be totally useless.

The Britannian Army only has one type of rifle issued to the general infantry, which means they only need one type of clip. John Davion takes great pains to ensure his own supply lines are well-protected and prepares emergency fallback production for his industries in off-the-map sites so the other Great Houses know nothing of his true production and supply capabilities.

Operation Oxbow is a deep-striking military operation John plans so that he can cripple the ability of his longtime foes to keep their fleets maintained.


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