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Drums And Flowers / Talking Drum - Various - Arrhythmia

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Label: Charnel Music - CHCD-01 • Series: Arrhythmia • Format: CD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Tribal, Industrial, Experimental
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Toggle navigation. Talking Drum Facts The talking drum is an instrument in the percussion family that originates from West Africa. This hourglass shaped drum can be traced back to antiquity and is known by a variety of names including the gangan in Yoruba and doodo in Songhai. They are referred to as talking drums because they are able to be tuned to mimic the sound of human speech in terms of tone and accent such as emotion. The talking drum has two drum heads one on either end which are attached by cords that provide the player with the ability to change the pitch when playing by squeezing them which changes the tension.

Interesting Talking Drum Facts: The talking drum is traditionally made of wood and animal skin, with leather cords for tension.

Goatskin was common for the drum skin. The talking drum is known by several names according to the language in Africa. Talking drums have been used by African cultures to transmit messages over long distances since antiquity but it wasn't until the Europeans arrived in the s that this became known to the outside world.

Messages sent by talking drums have included more words to communicate the message than would be required by a written message but the message could be sent much quicker. Some cultures in Africa use smaller talking drums while others prefer larger versions. Talking drums come in various sizes including omele, gan gan, Iya-Ilu also known as the mother of drums and dun dun - the largest talking drum.

The hourglass shape of the talking drum alludes to how it is meant to be held, under the arm. When playing a taking drum Drums And Flowers / Talking Drum - Various - Arrhythmia musician often uses a stick to strike the drum head, as well as their fingers, and they Born To Be Wild - Various - Landsvägs Rock their other hand to Red Techno - Digital Geist - The Zero Engine the tension of the cords which enables them to change the pitch.

Some talking drums are as small as 2. Talking drums have been a part of Drums And Flowers / Talking Drum - Various - Arrhythmia culture since the beginning and are considered to help define their culture because they are so deeply ingrained in it. Many drums in Africa are referred to as talking drums however when they are mentioned outside of Africa as talking drums the reference is usually in regards to the hourglass shaped instrument. The talking drum is traditionally made of wood and animal skin, with leather cords for tension.


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    Jun 17,  · Drum rhythms are also a type of code. During the slave trades, drums were banned because the slaves were communicating to each other over long distances using a code their owners couldn’t understand. Drums mimic the tone of human speech; The “talking drum” is an hourglass shaped drum from West Africa (pictured above).Location: California St, Omaha, , NE.
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    What’s it about: Favouring rhythm over melody, using ‘talking drums’ and a wide range of percussion instruments to create rich musical dialogues Joining in: Take a djembe class in The Gambia, or closer to home in USA or Europe. The musical concepts in Africa are inherently different to what people in the West are used to hearing.
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    Jan 28,  · Talking Drums, From Spirituality to Speech. And so it was that two drumheads connected by threaded tension cords, in their turn, connected the Dogon to their ancestral Nommo and to the word. That th is ‘most important of all drums’ is linked not only to spirituality but to speech, is captured verbatim by its translated name, the “talking drum”, and embodied in its very contours: in the.
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    Talking drum, any of various types of drums that, by imitating the rhythm and the rise and fall of words in languages, are used as communication devices. Such drums occur in East and West Africa, Melanesia, and Southeast Asia. Five varieties of dùndún pressure drums of the Yoruba and the atumpan.
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    Jun 30,  · To get your talking drum starter kit contact: + or + or email: [email protected] Ayanlere Alamu Alajede "Your Talking Drum Coach" gives you .
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    Oct 18,  · The talking drum is widely considered to be one of the oldest instruments in West Africa and can be traced back to the Ghana gukusgardamuroariufym.infoinfog drums were mainly used by West African griots, who still exist today as storytellers preserving the oral tradition and history of their villages and families. Griots were essential to West African societies as they replaced written language, in which few.

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