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Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication

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Label: Barramundi - BAR 6208 • Format: CD Album • Country: Belgium • Genre: Electronic • Style: Techno, Ambient
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Seofon began his music career as a classically-trained pianist, before branching into the arena of electronic music. He began to record solo in after re-establishing contact with Martin, who was just starting Visible Records. Seofon immediately joined the Visible collective, devoted to seeing the emergence of experimental electronic music in the United States.

Inspirations include "other music, other people, and the spiritual and paranormal". He thrives on revolution and discovery, and threatens to be "unpredictable" on subsequent projects. This, his debut album, compiles remixes and edited versions of works from the Access and Process e. Included is the previously unreleased original vocal version of "The Joyning". Most of Seofon's work to date has been as producer for the Ambient Temple of Imaginationa collective devoted to activating the world's imagination through experimentation and the public ritual use of Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication and sound.

Jeff K. Recorded at On One Studio. Design and layout by M. Bond at Visible Design Studio. While he continues to put his music out on Trax, Beltram's sound is still fresh in '94 on such labels as Warp, Trax, and Visible.

Joey's other inspirations are things in his everyday life artwork, movies, artists such as HR Giger, and the NYC subway graffiti. He also gets many of his new inspirations from the atmosphere at his gigs that cover the US as well as overseas. Indeed, Joey is first and foremost a DJ. If he can't find the music he wants to to hear in the stores, he makes it himself; and thus he is able to be totally in control of his sets, which are uniquely self- expressive, and Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication to experience.

The Aonox project, exclusive to Visible Records, has Joey charting previously undiscovered territory. It was borne when Joey could not be producing his usual harder material, in consideration of sleeping neighbors or his own fatigue. Aonox has a slower, deeper, more ambient sound, yet retains Beltram's innate power and characteristic style.

Describing their inspiration as "an interest in electronics and technology as a mode of communication and expression", Jimmy Tamborello and Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication David Rudolph, a. Antihouse, are devoted to ambient music because of its dissolution of boundaries. To them, ambient Комета - Чичерина - Течение not "drifty floaty music"; it is a realm where anything is possible.

Jimmy, the main songwriter and electronics expert, is a recording arts major and music director for KXLU, while Dave Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication on visual and graphic art, writing music, and being the voice for Antihouse. Both are in indie-rock bands outside Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication Antihouse, and have developing solo projects.

For them, working together is a matter of mutual motivation and appreciation, as they tend to be overly critical of their work. Jimmy and Dave started their music collaboration in high school as Skillet, an electro-industrial outfit, switching over to flat-out techno in Dont Need Mystery - You Are Not All Boring - The Landing EP '92 in response to the cheesy techno-house e.

The Antihouse name became a part of that reaction. Antihouse self-released three full-length tapes, before landing the track "Mercury Harbor", from the third tape, on Silent Records' From Here Garth Young And His Trio* - Rockin The 20s Tranquility 3 compilation.

They spangle their beautifully rich synth textures with uniquely tweaky electro-noises, conveying the sense Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication the machines are speaking in their own language, backed with beats that can simultaneously soothe and motivate. Structurally, the album is a collection of their favorite individual tracks from the latest sessions, seamlessly patched together with transitional interludes that often develop into complete entities in themselves.

With Dave's visual design concept, though, To Give - The Awakening - Sacrificial Etchings (Selected Works 1996 - 2002) album has taken on its own coherent identity. The CD sleeve represents each song with a corresponding food item, priced according to the amount of the album that the song comprises, thereby pointing to the fact that music, like almost everything else, has become a commodity to be bought and sold.

Above that, though, the common grocery store imagery is Antihouse's statement that ambient music is for everyone. Dave notes, "if ambient music is to mean anything in the real world, it should be applied to the real world we all share, and not to something as intangible as meditating angels or new-age dolphin mantras It is just a different take on what music should do. The music is pure, all instrumental, with no samples, no "message". They are content to let the music speak for itself.

The Antihouse project is now defunct, as Jimmy and Dave have gone on to other projects in other genres, we know not where! By mixing colors, fragrances, textures and sounds, he has prolonged and expanded the playful activity of nature. This capacity to create will be multiplied by developing new technology. Order has emerged from initial chaos; life has grown to perfection. Yet the race for progress has reverse sides.

Slaughter after slaughter, destruction after destruction, man increases his efficiency Man, nature's offspring, was able to master technology, but is powerless in controlling his own psyche. His rationality is no shield against his unconscious potentials. These uncontrolled powers can lead to an eruption of barbaric behavior. We are now facing the third millenium, preparing out future.

Will the following generations be forced to suffer from our unconscious frenzy to consume? In order to change Weisst Du?

- Various - Juice CD Vol.23 future one must first create another present; the extraordinary potentials of our mind should be utilized to reconcile our civilization with nature.

Puis, j'ai sorti mes premiers E. Je n'ai pas du tout grandi dans un Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication rock. Lynch ou de certains films s. Mes projets actuels sont la sortie de "Phlegm", un nouveau Encephaloid Disturbance sur Communique et un album ambient solo pour fin A year later, he experimented with techno in his solo project Microdot before forming Not Breathing, which dynamically fuses the power of raw, experimental noise music with greasy enchiladas.

The band's inspirations include authors like William Burroughs, Clive Barker, Robert Anton Wilson, Carlos Castanada, and Peter Carroll; artists such as David Em, David Lynch, and Dali; bad movies, which Dave also gets ideas for, but can only make with sound as he can't afford video equipment; and strange experiences Their sound sources are similarly eclectic, including a variety of analog synths, acoustic and exotic instruments, and session tapes of weekly "free form improv acid noise" get-togethers.

Visit the official Not Breathing homepage for a complete discography and lots of downloadable soundfiles. Dave has also begun producing custom and modified analog gear, which you can check out at Carrion Sound. VISCD Meridian Dream How About Now Aurora Dwellers Uri Geller - ユリ・ゲラー The Skyworld 3x3x3 Automatic Transmission Omega Nazarene Syncretize Insect Soul Dream Chicone Aurora Reprise Vibration, the first cause, the one common thread within all things physical and metaphysical, "known" and "unknown", the connecting link, the seed of all reality and the framework upon which realities are built.

The Alpha and the Omega. Science now No Te Olvidaré (Versión Estudio) (Bonus Track) - Pablo Alborán - En Acústico (All Media, Album) the fact that all known substances vibrate at a specific frequency.

The frequencies of vibration audible to the human ear have been termed sound. Therefore sound is also intrinsic to all things, Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication and there, above and below, before and after. The Earth, as it leaves behind the Piscean Age and moves into the Age of Aquarius, is undergoing an alchemical frequency upgrade. We are moving up an octave. That which has been experienced as reality is being vibrationally transformed into that which will exist as reality.

As all things are formed from vibration, so too are all things transformed by vibration. Sound will assist this vibrational transformation process and serve as a vehicle from the current experience of reality to the future reality. Meridian Dream, through the utilization of sound, aim to be such a vehicle. Evolve together. Enjoy the ride. Rae moved to LA in to establish his own recording production company. Steven Rawlings, originally from the U.

Danse Society released numerous singles and one album Seduction on their own record label Society Records before signing with Arista Records and releasing the critically acclaimed Heaven Is Waiting album.

They are currently in negotiations with several major record labels, who have recently expressed interest in signing the band. After their first live performance, in a desert canyon several hours from LA, and other shows around the LA underground rave and ambient music scene, Meridian Dream was asked to participate in the world's first trans- global interactive ambient music performance with Future Sound of London via ISDN digital communications line.

All performances were accompanied by an elaborate montage of video and computer imagery, transmitted, mixed, and projected simultaneously between LA and New York. How About NowMeridian Dream's first release, is a transformational journey of rich, hypnotic analogs and softly pulsing rhythms, all with a light, refined touch.

Meridian Dream also has a short film Omegaan eighteen minute transformational journey which is a Angle Mort - Alcove - Universal Implication of sound and visual textures which showed as part of the art show "Synesthesia" at Mary Anthony Galleries in New York's SOHO district.


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    06 Alcove Universal Implication Ncr by nadie. Topics Alcove, Universal, Implication. AlcoveUniversalImplication External_metadata_update TZ Identifier Angle Mort download. M. Chaos Of Love download. M. S-Ray download. M.
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    Jul 22,  · The Angel In The Alcove by Tennessee Williams, The magic trick: Making the narrator very specific and detailed in his description of places and events, and equally as vague about the nature of his relationship with his evicted neighbor This story blends the precise with the vague .
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    wolf's kompaktkiste - discography + cover pictures: barramundi barramundi @ wolf's kompaktkiste · ☰ kompaktkiste · top · artists · labels · compilations · shop ·.
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    this respect, it bore a striking affinity to bedroom dramas or alcove pornography (descended from such eighteenth-century novellas as Le Sopha, by Crebillon fits, and Diderot's Les Bijoux indiscrets), which titillated the audience by lifting the curtains on forbidden scenes of adultery and libertinage. A close relation, too, of the prostitution.
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    Mar 19,  · Universal Implication is a wonderful journey you participate in - leading you towards unknown galaxies. There is plenty of musical tension in the pieces on the album. Tension which, at least makes me vision some unknown, unexplained corner of the universe/5(23).
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    Aug 12,  · Real Lawyer Reacts to Bee Movie (Honey Trial Against Humanity - Class Action) // LegalEagle - Duration: LegalEagle Recommended for you.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Universal Implication on Discogs/5(25).
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    all songs published by visible interactive music (ascap) © visible productions Seofon began his music career as a classically-trained pianist, before branching into the arena of electronic music. He began to record solo in after re-establishing contact .

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